Harry Potter Fanfiction Bill Finds Out Harry Is Abused Just as the rest of the magical world threw him away. Follow the lives of several characters through the Carrows' reign of Hogwarts, including all the angst of a forbidden, secret Slytherin/Gryffindor relationship. Ragnok got up from behind the desk and made his way to the door, he turned so he was facing Harry and Bill and then spoke. Rated 'M' for bad words and ideas, re-worked and re-posted. To complicate matters, a series of strange dreams portends a frightening future unless the two can find a way to work together. " "Harry this IS abuse!" yelled Hermione, "Does your cousin get treated the same way as you? Pushed around? Beaten and starved? Thrown in cupboards and locked away?. Thinking, mainly, on his position in the war against Voldemort. Heralded as the next Merlin, the-boy-who-won seems to be on the path to greatness but his habit of disappearing at increasing intervals draws curiosity and …. But Ginny had told her, not her part, but said she had seen Draco cheating on Harry. They move to Chicago and Harry meets his new neighbors, the Gallagher family. Fred added in a few things once in a while. Harry realizes there are no consequences to bad behavior and decides to try it out. All of you go to the hospital wing and I will see you there shortly and talk to you then. 6K 20 After an unforgivable beating that takes an unexpected turn Harry goes crawling (literally) to the enemy and hands over his horcruxes in exchange for safety Dumbledore c Completed abusedharry goodmalfoyfamily …. Little Angel, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction. Harry squeezed his eyes shut from the blow he knew was coming. Harry is found abused and is taken in by Snape, then later on Harry is tortured by Voldemort and Lucius with needles and becomes blind. Harry then ends up hiding under Snape's desk so that Draco and Snape don't discover his abuse. Closing his eyes, Harry drifted into a few hours of restless sleep only to wake up a few hours later to scramble around the kitchen. It was a few months after the final battle at Hogwarts. Harry Potter And A Magical Summer. Harry finds out and attempts to help him. I called it home for a moment of my life. Dumbledore is a good guy and Lucius and Voldemort are really bad …. The Sorting Hat had known what it had been thinking about when it had wanted to put Harry into Slytherin. During this time, Harry is adopted by the Malfoys. This is a Severitus story, so nothing that happened in the Harry Potter books will happy in this story. Rated: Fiction M - English - Hurt/Comfort/Angst - Harry P. The Weasleys and the rest of the wizarding world read it and Harry has to explain why he kept it all …. What if I told you Harry Potter never existed , that's right all lies ! What if 'Harry James potter' was really called 'Hunter gaunt snape-riddle' the son of Severus snape the greasy dungeon bat and Tom marvolo riddle the dark lord he finds this out by a e. Instinctively he scurried past the large woman and followed two of the Weasley brothers as they made their path towards the train. Harry Potter's aunt and uncle don't like wizards. Harry, of course, was being watched. He left the room to get the potion, and Hermione turned to position her hands just right over Harry's leg, preparing herself for his shouts of pain. The dragons, especially one become their allies. She needed to find out why her niece was worried about Harry Potter but she also had to find out just what has been happening at Hogwarts. The only problem is it was posted on April 5, 2011, 11 years ago and as pointed out in the comments, doesnt involve Harry being abused or living with Snape and Malfoy. Ron and Hermione were crouched by Harry's side immediately, worried frowns creasing their faces. - Chapters: 12 - Words: 6,052 - Reviews: 76 - …. He also finds out that he has a soul mate. Locked Cupboards, a harry potter fanfic. Today was his sixth birthday and his Uncle had gifted him with a broken arm. Malfoy looked like he’d been caught trying to duck away from whoever had snapped the photograph. Amelia would work on a visit to Harry Potter, first she had to find out where he was living. May sound cheesy, but a different approach. Chapter 1 – A Day I Want To Forget. She went outside the kitchen and found Harry sitting on the couch. … Chapter 1: The Prank and the Offer (The italicized is an excerpt from the chapter. "Yes, they clearly need the rest. Read as Harry is left on the streets with no home, money, or …. Sometime through his slumber, he awoke to the sound of something sizzling in the kitchen. Founder: Potterworm - Stories: 256 - Followers: 29 - id: 59345. Embarrassed, he wrapped an arm around his middle and fell silent, his eyes falling back to the floor. In the process, he ends up learning the truth about his infamous scar and how to fight his war. He wanted freedom, and he would get it. Even if he missed Norbert, at least the little guy would be happy in his new home. "Oh, Mr Potter," said the receptionist, blushing furiously. This is also not only my first Harry/George pairing but also my first creature fic. When Harry first felt the dementors he did think of helping Dudley. The Eighth Weasley Child, a harry potter fanfic. Lily talks to him and helps him at first with her aunt and uncle. Mrs Williams's mouth dropped in shock when instead of comforting the child, or even attempting to find out what was wrong, Vernon Dursley struck the boy. Part 1 of the Birds of a Feather Series. Sadly then, Harry had those horrible nightmares of Voldemort, Wormtail and another insane Death Eater, full of murder, abuse, and torture while making plans for his certain death again. There would be a long way to go before Harry was made a 'proper' member of the family. I can’t find the story anywhere. Now his family was more like a family. Clasping Fred's hand in hers, she held it up to her lips and pressed a soft kiss to his fingertips. T because of abuse and one word. "Stop, stop, stop, stop," Harry muttered. Warning- Mentions talk about rape. The story starts at the end of the. Harry Potter was a skilled pickpocket. See Hermione try and stop him getting hurt again. Harry knew Dudley already drank alcohol and he also did muggle drugs. Sirius had been reluctant but they had left Harry for the night. She didn't want to be his girlfriend. Now the consequences of his actions cannot be avoided any longer and Snape finds himself the father of a five year old boy-Harry Potter! Complete. She felt like someone had ripped out her insides the pain was that bad. It's a one-shot and mostly a bonding moment between Bill, Fleur and Ginny, but the rest of the Weasleys are in the second part. Harry James potter supposed saviour of the wizarding world. Molly Weasley was happier than she'd been in a long while. Filch is obsessed with catching students and with his cat. Albus Dumbledore was alerted that something was wrong with our Savior and immediately went to check and see if what was wrong. Note, Autism in this story is build on the science that is over 20 years outdated, as it takes place 1991, and remember the wizarding world is also backwards in some ways. Other things is that it’s Harry Potter/Theodore Nott and Severus Snape/Remus Lupin. Potter, please save my daughter. Unsurprisingly, she found Ginny, now dressed, sat by her bedroom window, which looked out over the garden. When his uncle finally let go of his hand, Harry leaned against the counter and slid to the floor, breathing heavily. I know Harry Potter's greatest weakness and, I know of a spy in the Death Eater ranks," Hermione said, her power sparking. Yes, Potter would learn to fear the name Malfoy. Dumbledore stumbles in his many roles and …. Minerva's Rage, a harry potter fanfic. Blood Ties by marksmom - 75k, unfinished (and shall remain so), bashing (Molly, Dumbledore, Ron, Hermione), Severitus, lordship, powerful harry. The effect of these words was instantaneous. Then came the Hogwarts letter, and a world of intriguing new possibilities to exploit. Seconding the rec of Skin Deep Redefining Bill Weasley by The_Minx_17 - podfic, 1hr long, complete. After they both danced upon the bones of his father, Voldemort discovers Harry Potter is the seventh Horcrux he never intended to make. Looking back Harry couldn't tell one day apart from another simply because he did the same thing every day. After a while they needed to breathe and Harry, reluctantly, separated from Hermione. Ron who has been invisible all is life is suddenly surprise when one person actually sees him and wants to be with him. A trunk left for Harry has unexpected consequences to Dumbledore's plans. The mother and daughter were taken back to the office. In a world where wizards and witches can sense each other's familiars but no one else can, Harry's impressive familiar makes an eleven-year-old Draco Malfoy take more notice of him. Angelina's Fanfiction Recs — *Updated* Harry Potter Recs. Percy couldn't possibly compare to the apple of their parents' eyes. In fact, he is just a boy that needs to be saved. Forced together in a run-down house in Spinner's End, Harry and Severus face their greatest challenge yet: surviving each other. Harry screamed in a childlike voice, attracting the attention of the townspeople. He lived with his unloving relatives in Surrey. Two weeks later no one had heard a single word from him. Harry jumped and noticed a garden snake was staring intently at him. Warning: explicit description of self harm, suicide attempt in ch 1. Don't really know what to put here because I kind of make it up as I harrypotter. Harry smiled at him and patted the empty spot on the couch next to him. First Chapter sets up the first scene. "Bill!" Harry cheered happily, running up to the young man, excited to see him again. Tears of happiness form in the corners of Harry's eyes, flinging himself forward he wraps his arms tightly around Lord Voldemort's (Professor Quirrell's) neck laughing quietly through his tears. They were all so thin, as if they haven't eaten well in months. Also, I own none of the characters. He's sure of it … but he hadn't counted on Bill seeing him run out of the Hall and knowing the reason why. He needed the boy neglected and craving affection to be successful. Harry gets detention with Snape, and Snape was a spy, so he is a very skilled observer. My version of the fight between Percy and Arthur on the night Percy left during Ootp and other events involving Percy This is my first fanfic, please review :). Can he recover? rape, abuse, torture Rated: Fiction M - English - Drama/Angst - Sirius B. Dark secrets and an even darker past threaten to destroy the boy on whom the entire wizarding world has pinned their hopes. No matter what, Family is Family and that will never change. Powerful Harry Potter; Cross-Posted on FanFiction. Being reborn as Harry Potters twin sister was not on Melisandre's bucket list. Save Me, Please Chapter 1, a harry potter fanfic. Figg's spare bedroom where she placed the child on the bed. He didn't want to go to the feast. It made his stomach explode in happy butterflies. He saw that it was Bill, Remus, and Sirius. Ron makes a bad choice about seeking out Hermione, and Harry, panicking, calls for aid using parseltongue as the tap is right in front. All is going well until Louis Tomlinson begins showing up late for rehearsals, wearing the wrong uniform and giving Harry an evil smirk every time they eye contact. DMLE prosecutor and former flame Daphne Greengrass comes to his defense. The Room of Requirement was draped in silence as the five students sat wordlessly for a few moments. It's a pleasure meeting you," she said, smiling gently at him. " Aresto momentum, " Molly said quickly. Summary: PreHBP Harry saves the lives of Snape and Malfoy, finds out he's Salazar Slytherin, and Dumbledore makes him spend the summer with the the two . Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality by Less Wrong (#1) Petunia married a biochemist, and Harry grew up reading science and science fiction. a helping hand Chapter 1, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction. Harry Potter was a wizard, famous among his own, hated by his family. Harry finds out he had a family all along and vows revenge on Dumbledor and the light. And it goes alright - until he wakes up the next day and finds a clear 'Avada Kedavra' right over his scar. Soon after a sobbing Lily joined the hug. Burnt Out Chapter 1: Owl Escapade, a harry potter fanfic. But only nightmares of Voldemort awaited Harry in Dreamland. Professor McGonagall knew who it had to be Harry James Potter. Bad Author Notes: If Neville seems out of character…. When Harry Potter, the brother of the BWL is chosen as the fourth Champion of the TriWizard Tournament, fate is forever altered. Short-fic (Rated T for safety) Rated: Fiction T - English - Angst/Hurt/Comfort - Words: 1,631 - Reviews: - Favs: 74 - Follows: 34 - Published: Jan 2, 2018 - Status: Complete - id: 12785245. He was thoroughly ashamed of his lack of actions. Whelp II The Wrath of Snape by jharad17 reviews. "Get away from me!" he snapped, his voice shaking as badly as he was. It was a selfish decision, they wanted to keep what they had to themselves, it was their light in the wake of the gloomy funerals. Harry was just a young child when it happened. The Boy Who Planned By: TomHRichardson. A Harry Potter Fanfiction After living for over 200 years, and seeing the Abused and beaten, Harry comes into a surprise inheritance and his world is …. The property was a three story townhouse, with a basement. The Sex God: Harry Potter The Baby Maker. Harry Potter had been mentally abused by his muggle family, how family could hurt one another Bill didn't understand. The boy wizard looked away quickly, as his hand subconsciously moved to pull his shirt up, to make sure the bruises were hidden. He wanted a martyr that didn't care for his own life. Content Warning: This article contains discussions about, and examples of, J. The two spent their time drinking at a pub. Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter and am not affiliated with Bloomsbury or Scholastic Inc. But the bathroom is where she finds the real horror. 150 pages February 21, 2019 Fathom Huntsmen. He is the son of James Potter and Severus Snape. He was seething, and extremely sad, but he had to let Sirius, Remus, Molly, and …. While the Great Hall was packed with teachers and students lazily eating breakfast, two students were missing from their usual seats. H\G and Harry \ Ginny shippers welcome. Disclaimer: I do not own the Harry Potter series. Hermione Granger was eager to be back at Hogwarts after the break – for more than one reason. A teenage witch finds a book in her Aunt’s room before setting off for her sixth year at Hogwarts, the pages read a story true. Harry interrupted before going wide eyed and profusely apologising. Warning! There is abuse in this book. A life filled with "No" becomes a life filled with "Yes" and suddenly everything is possible. Molly stood nearby holding an infant arguing with a very blond man. With a screech, Hedwig forced her body through the opening as quickly as possible and flew skyward, as far from the source of heat and pain as she could get. Looking around, he could not see anything or anyone that he recognized other than his blanket. Molly was talking to Ginny and hugging her while pointedly ignoring Ron and Hermione. But it was one of the reasons he had gone into Gryffindor. fanfiction harry refuses to forgive his parents : r/HPfanfiction. "Give me your money!" The man sneered. "Harry, dear, let's move over to them," she commanded. Harry turns to the one person he trust, Sirius Black. Hermione was shaking Harry's shoulder lightly, trying to wake him up. Tonks would miss Harry of course. Wrath of a Weasley Chapter 4 Fixing things, a harry potter fanfic. After meeting Death or rather Mortem, Melisandre is shock i-cant-handle-the-heartbreak. Albus Dumbledore's eyes followed him as he paced. They had gotten married just a week ago, and had just finished their honeymoon. Word Count: 109,175, not counting Author's Notes. The twins read the note that said: 'These items are the reason of my success. Lupin was there to meet him and take him to Grimmauld Place instead. Minerva places Harry in another household, this time a loving one. summary: six year old harry is badly hurt by the dursleys leaving him near dead. Blood Quill Chapter 2, a harry potter fanfic. In other words, it's a cosmic sort of bond that clouds the mind until all thought is consumed by that singular point of infatuation. Being the Potters' secret keeper, he was one of the first to be captured and tortured. Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Angst/Hurt/Comfort - Harry P. " Kingsley explained before he pushed the door to a room open. Molly kept giving them speculative glances. Most of it’s illegal, some of it’s legal. The day ended for Harry when he passed out do to extreme pain. "However, it is up to the parents to restrict the magic of their children. At a violent lurch in his stomach, Harry pushed himself away and ran to the nearby bathroom on unsteady legs, collapsing in front of the toilet. But he is no legendary warrior. After McGonagall takes point from Harry for getting yet another week's worth of detentions in the second week of school, she overhears him say "She's taken points off Gryffindor because I'm getting my hand sliced open every night!" and questions him about it. It was not as if they were ashamed of it. I'm just building sandcastles on J. Another Side of Draco Malfoy By: SkiaWolf. She snaps and uses the power of the Slytherin Founder to get her through the Tournament and show that the name of Potter will never be spat on without. The news of the dissolved marriage between Lucius Malfoy and Narcissa Black had the whole hall buzzing. A massive change in circumstances lead him down a very different path, to a different fate, family, home and love. Left to cope with the recent loss of his godfather, Harry wanders outside of the wards secured around Privet Drive and finds himself in the care of a furious Professor Snape. Summer of 4th year and Harry's all alone, dealing with his grief and the sudden revelation that James Potter is not his father. He knew that he would be locked in his room and he would be lucky to get a bowl of …. His friend Ron Weasley told him after he told the snake not to attack Justin Finch Fletchley, a second year Hufflepuff muggleborn. Then again dying wasn't either. " "I would love that!" Harry burst out happily before he apologised. Percy's Secret Identity by DontWorryImDumbToo. 6K 20 After an unforgivable beating that takes an unexpected turn Harry goes crawling (literally) to the enemy and hands over his horcruxes in exchange for safety Dumbledore c Completed abusedharry goodmalfoyfamily dracomalfoy +21 more # 2 To Be Little by Sapphire 471K 11. "C'mere, Harry!" the giant panted. Kneeling to get a better view, his eyes widened as well. Heading home from his second year at Hogwarts, Harry finds his life turning around after a car crash that proved fatal to his Aunt and Uncle. Harry is in Occlumency lessons with Snape when it is discovered that he has been abused by the Dursleys, this is their life after that fact. Harry sighed with a small smile on his face "that was such a nice sight" "An' here's Harry!" said the giant. Blood Quill Chapter 1, a harry potter fanfic. Weasley loved her children - Merlin knows she had to, to have put up with all their antics. Abuse toned down from original. The days leading up to Wednesday the 12th passed in a blur. Between unwelcoming roommates, Umbridge's sadistic detentions and perturbing Occlumency lessons, Harry's life gradually becomes a living nightmare where solitude seems to be his only. He was sick of the sight of Snivellus and his snide comments at meetings. Susan calls from Hufflepuff, confused. Part 3 of Every entrance leads to a pathway (I just made harry pick a different one) Language: English. Harry coming had broken a routine. "Alright, since we're all here lets get down to business" Sirius said. Angel Potter is the Demigod daughter of Hades and Lily Potter nee Evans. Harlow and Harry go to hogwarts, Harlow finds out a bunch of stuff. Harry entered the Room of Requirements without problem and took the camera out and found a surprise; it smoked. It's my nephew, he's very disturbed, we keep him upstairs. Shakily picking up the quill, Harry sucked in a breath before starting to write his lines. Jasper frowned when he felt Harry's fear. Heads turned towards the Gryffindor table, curious as to what had happened. " "Harry this IS abuse!" yelled Hermione, "Does your cousin get treated the same way as you? …. Holding his breath, he tiptoed to the open door. Severus is in need of somebody to protect. " He approached his desk grateful that after a week away all his cases had been reassigned and his desk cleared. Enough By: White Angel of Auralon. The blonde beauty some say, but to her, she's a broken blonde. To stop Arthur from openly staring at his bruises, Harry grabbed the shirt off the bed and, very carefully, pulled it on, covering his welts and bruises. Newly crowned wizard and avid reader of fantasy fiction, eleven-year-old Harry Potter makes friends with the goblin standing outside Gringotts with unforeseen consequences. The four girls took hold of the Portkey and the five of them disappeared from the Bank. " Harry added under his breath, but nobody heard. Listen Now Chapter 1: Home, a harry potter fanfic. He now has two missions in life, missions which would make any dragon proud; fierce care of what means the most to him and revenge against those who would do him or his harm. When Umbridge finds all seven Harry Potter books she demands to read them to expose "Harry's Lies" but when some kids from the Future arrive it really becomes a party. With over 500 million copies sold worldwide, Harry Potter is the best-selling book ser. Harry Potter True Friends Chapter 1: Sadness and. It's not that angsty, as far as HP fan fiction goes, but it does shed some light on Harry's childhood. Harry and his sister were dating again. Aurors arrive on the scene and discover the Boy Who Lived. Harry was suddenly interrupted by a long, low grumbling sound coming from his stomach. FanFiction">Whispers in the Night Chapter 33: The Hatred of. Draco stood up politely, nodding to his father before heading towards the bathroom. The teacher stopped at Harry's disruption, and merely pointed when Harry asked the whereabouts of Teddy Lupin. "Especially since I slept in a cupboard. " The spell was barely out of Hermione's mouth before Ron had drawn his wand and thrown up a Protego spell. T and M for a bit of language and light sex references. After a moment, Arthur dropped his head into his hands. The trauma of the events after the third task bring those two elements in Harry's blood to the forefront. She wasn't the only one who hadn't yet found hers - Hermione hadn't, and neither had a fair number of the girls in Gryffindor Tower - but sometimes, it certainly felt like it. She told him she was trying to get him to. King of Magic by Radiant Arabian Nights. harry potter fanfic ">The Reign of Darkness Chapter 1, a harry potter fanfic. Beware the Wolf By: Ventus Princeps. , was heading to the Weasley's house after a day of cleaning up one of the Potter Manors. "Hey Harry," he answered, swinging the boy up, around, and then putting him back on the ground. There are seven total “Harry Potter” books. Shards Of The Broken Slytherin //D by Aurora Lucalia. But things only grow more complicated when a traumatised Slytherin and the Weasley's get involved and the. Ironically, there are far-reaching consequences. Whelp II The Wrath of Snape by jharad17. Harry's abuse by the Dursleys is discovered after an incident involving a potion. Harry finds the unicorn alive and tackles Quirrelmort to save it. Harry Potter Fanfic Must Reads. 6- Divination Professor - Firenze. He should have brought a gun out, just in case. Present and future meet in this humorous story. A Snape-mentor fic with a 60 foot twist. Chaos, mischief, and drama happen. Harry glanced over at his godfather and ex-professor, feeling the eyes on him. Harry had rarely before been as happy as he was now that he had ignored the instructions of Dumbledore to stay at Privet Drive last summer. Harry's affected by the abuse more than Dumbledore ever expected or wanted. Harry Potter and the Abusive Childhood. But Remus doesn't know what he's gotten himself into. Three additional, smaller books mentioned in the “Harry Potter” series were published by author J. Small form of Harry Potter slowly walked behind the large frame of Molly Weasley as he entered platform 9 ¾. Un shot por cada "Hogwarts" que encuentres. I Must Not Tell Lies, a harry potter fanfic. After the disastrous end of Harry's third year, Sirius and Remus scheme to lift Harry's spirits by sending him to the United States to learn to be an animagus. Washing the blood off his hand, didn't make his hand look any better and he sighed wishing he knew some healing spells. Book 2: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets; Book 3: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban; Book 4: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire; Book 5: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix; Book 6: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince; Book 7: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows; Summary. He decided to keep his hand under the desk, unsure whether Umbridge would have a problem with him covering it up with the plaster. She went downstairs and prepared herself a. It was late evening as Kingsley finally entered Gringotts bank, a signed document in his hand for the unsealing of the Potters will. It could be he is mentored, seeking asylum/help (evil/bad Dumbledore, Abusive Dursleys), maybe he works out a truce, is related to, or makes some kind of deal, could be he is kidnapped but later joins or makes peace with Voldemort. Percy's family don't treat him that well, they don't hit him or anything but they kind of abuse him mentally, and his siblings make fun of him …. - Chapters: 2 - Words: 2,306 - Reviews: 25 - Favs: 243 - Follows: 112 - Updated: Jun 9, 2020 - Published: Jun. Reading the Harry Potter books at Hogwarts by Miranda Rae Lee reviews. Remus Lupin, drenched in crimson, is cradling an unconscious Sirius Black; the black haired teen has vertical incisions running up his forearms. Needless to say, this complicates matters within the Trio's friendship. He could still see all that he owned being burned. " You sheltered me from nothing but the weather. When Molly finds out that Harry, Ron, and Hermione do not plan on . If Sirius found out, he would end up being caught, which is honestly the last thing. "Three muggles resided in this home along with a magical. I'll just leave them a little note so they know. " stated Hermione, "Locked in a cupboard for 10 years! Not to mention every year you seen to come back skinnier. Harry thought that he the perfect life. One night, Harry Potter had suddenly gone berserk, savagely killing nearly the entire Order, but leaving only a certain brown-haired bookworm alive. " These words belong to Narcissa. Harry stared at the newspaper still spread out in front of him. A Witch With A Righteous Anger Chapter 1, a harry potter fanfic. harry potter fanfic ">The Missing Flamel Heir Chapter 1, a harry potter fanfic. Once Snape, Harry, and McGonagall left the office, Dumbledore left his desk and made his way over to his fireplace. It's told from the POV of Ginny, Lavender and Neville, corresponding to the three school terms, with the POV of Parvati and Theo interwoven throughout. " After that he just gave them blank stares, or shook his head silently. He also finds how Manipulative Dumbledore and the Weasley's are. Arthur made sure Harry knew that Molly couldn't contact him. Shattered Chapter 4, a harry potter fanfic. He had managed to steal the key and have it copied when Aunt Petunia was not looking, which meant he could manage bathroom needs when locked in for extended periods, and the spare. "Which one is Harry's?" asked Charlie in a whisper. And when I tell her the truth, she will turn her back on him and. "You were the one who told me who I really was and the only one who ever stood up to me. Sirius knew he had to be quick, so he simply pulled out his wand and unearthed the coffins and opened them to reveal that Dumbledore was right. Finding Out The Truth Chapter 2, a harry potter fanfic. The wizards who signed this agreement were Rowena Ravenclaw, Godric Griffindor, Salazar Slytherin, and Helga Hufflepuff. Then they would just leave me there and laugh, as they walked away. Yes, Tom knew that, somehow, Harry was a horcrux. Potter, I'm quite interested in what you had to say" Amelia says. The Department of Magical Law Enforcement is pulled into investigating a large magical blast that was reported in a purely muggle area of Surrey. Pureblood Society (Harry Potter) Emotional/Psychological Abuse; No Beta We Die Like Severus' Peace; Anti-Muggle Content; Harry Potter and the Cursed Child - Thorne & Rowling (16) Naruto. 480 Stories After his name came out of the Goblet of Fire, Harry woke to a disturbing reality. AU, mentions of Dursley Abuse, NO SLASH. Only Ginny noticed Harry tense up and grow rather pale. No one who knew Harry Potter would assume him capable of actively seeking out Bill meets Harry for the first time when they both come to the . Harry & Dudley flee an abusive Vernon to Severus Snape. Harry watched as an expensive-looking black car parked and a man stepped out, followed by a young girl. "That's a very nice name, Mr Potter. They were too upset and Molly didn't wish to agitate Harry more. Where he can't stop feeling like a stranger. He knew Ron and Hermione would have told all of the Gryffindors about him attacking them on the brooms. A ceasefire is agreed, Harry Potter is collateral - the target of Voldemort's newest, most potent obsession. It is a story where the Malfoy family finds out that their son in law, Harry is being abused by Draco. The day of Sirius' trial, Harry was. He chuckle as his long fingers gripped Harry's hips. When his surroundings registered, he groaned, and dropped back onto the cot. (Post-Battle/AU/OOC) After Voldemort's Second War, both people and time move on and Harry Potter is placed in the spotlight once again. Harry cracked an eye, "Please, and close the door behind you. Harry had been purer than anything during that period of time. Little did she know taking him to her aunt because of signs of abuse on Harry would complicate and change her life. "Why hello little kitty!" Harry says, cracking a slight smile, then grunts in pain as his muscles in his face start to burn. Then when Harry arrives in Hogwarts and becomes a Slytherin, she ( lily ) helps her son to get along with his father. Of all things they were arguing about this. Can have either Lily or James as one of the parents, but not both. r/HPfanfiction• Posted by Snowy-Phoenix View community ranking In the Top 5% of largest communities on Reddit Any fanfic where someone finds out that Harry is being abused? I know there are so many, but it is ALWAYS Snape who helps Harry, I …. Harry Potter was attempting to enjoy his dinner in the great hall. Lost In Love Chapter 3: Hermione's Abuse, a harry potter fanfic. LF a Fic Where Harry Was Actually Voldemort's, and He Was Abused. But either she was a better actress than she thought, or everyone was dense. Harry had no idea how long he slept. A year after the afternoon at Grimmauld Place, Harry, Bill, and Charlie are successfully navigating their unconventional three-way relationship, of course they still haven't told their friends or family just how close they've gotten. But what startled Draco was the boy's condition. Prologue, the Second: The Corner. Disclaimer: Yes I own the Harry Potter series because J. Harry Potter - Rated: K - English - Chapters: 2 - Words: 26,191 - Reviews: 510 - Favs: 2,942 - Follows: 593 - Published: 7/14/2004 - Severus S. In the story, Harry Potter is a Female who goes by the name Azalea evildumbledore +22 more # 14. She groaned slightly as the light shone in through the window where she hadn't quite remembered to close the curtains fully. As long as he is here with us, he can use his magic freely. Harry was abused even worse by the Dursleys than in canon, and it only continued at Hogwarts. Fics where people find out Harry was abused/lived in a cupboard/had bars on his window that are actually Archive of Our Own | Fandom: Harry Potter-J. Bella muttered softly, before gently drifting off to sleep along with the boy. And Snape discovers that a new Potter has appeared. Protect Harry James potter, and find the way to stop the war that is brewing on the other side. The blonde sat on the other end of his bench, watching him with her silver protruding eyes. Harry Potter - Rated: K+ - English - Chapters: 7 - Words: 18,185 - Reviews: 269 - Favs: 139 - Follows: 119 - Updated: 2/26/2004 - Published: 4/20/2003 - Harry P. Harry was standing in a dark corridor. " He levered himself to his fet to place her trunk in the overhead racks, before flopping down against the window, intending to nap…. Hermione's heartbeat slowed, her tears fell slower, but the pain of losing Fred was just as strong. To Umbridge or the Dursleys," he said softly, almost to himself, before walking out. The Dragon's Bride by Rizzle - Draco and Hermione wake up naked, hungover, and tattoo'd. Instead of the man welcoming him with open arm, Remus is reclusive and angry. I know there are so many, but it is ALWAYS Snape who helps Harry, I want something different, that someone else finds out about the abuse, someone like: Amelia Bones. He finds out that Sirius has left everything to him, and that his parents had a will that had been sealed. However, he forgot to take into account how resourceful muggles can be. Still, Hermione was right; Harry Potter has a saving people thing!. "Mum, I think Harry is in trouble. Mim Potter was about to her her world changed forever. Today was, by far, Harry's worst day ever. And of course, one should NEVER underestimate a mother's instincts. Molly Weasley sat up in bed rolling Arthur off her from where he'd fallen asleep last night after their love making. Though all his life contains is a mind full of worry and fear in his own home and a collection of concealed scars. Harry sighed in relief when he found an empty compartment. But Fred and George were dancing on her last nerve with their nonsense. Seeing Rowling’s transphobic tweets and comments laid bare, you may feel the need to set aside the Harry Potte. Figg's home burst open and in strode a furious dark-haired witch carrying an unconscious dark-haired boy in her arms. He did, however, find an envelope in his blanket that he proceeded to gnaw on. To say the past school year had arguably been one of his worst ever was the understatement of the century. A Proper Black Chapter 1, a harry potter fanfic. When he came back, he started rubbing the salve into Harry's hand. She knew your parents and even babysat you when you were a baby. Harry rubbed his stomach ruefully, of course he was hungry, he was always hungry because Uncle Vernon and Dudley never left him enough to eat, if anything. He had let Hedwig out little over two days ago when uncle Vernon had started to beat Harry up. His chest tightened in agonizing pain as he tried to draw in a breath. Teddy Finds Out, a harry potter fanfic. But, if James didn't have them do the ritual, then we need to make sure that nobody, but nobody finds out about it, not. Harry Potter always knew his life was crazy. Between Molly and Ginny giving his love potions to Ron and Hermione being paid money from HIS vault. The Weasleys and the rest of the wizarding world read it and Harry has to explain why he kept it all hidden from them. Harry slowly walked down the stairs. Complicity, a harry potter fanfic. Harry Potter a skinny black haired green eyed boy lay in his tiny bed of the tiniest room of Number 4 Privet Drive. Severitus warning for violence and child abuse. Then it would be both Dudley's or Vernon's turn to rape Harry and sleep with him. Molly Weasley tried to be patient as her twin terrors babbled on about how Harry had been held prisoner by his evil relatives. Harry Potter, abused and used, is sick of the lies and the pain and the betrayals. Rowling has been killing us with the delay over book 5. It wasn't like he wasn't happy for them or anything like that. Harry dashed away and ran around the side of a building, trying very hard not to laugh. He wakes up in Gringotts where he finds out many truths. Harry is forced to live in the cupboard under the stairs, forced to wear his cousin Dudley's hand-me-down clothes, and never allowed to go with the family when they do something fun. And yet, in that moment, Harry had somehow heard that promise, and he smiled to himself, knowing that he could trust Snape on that. Harry gave his mom and sisters a chance to be moms. His Soulmate is Lord Bloody Voldemort. r/HPfanfiction• Posted by Snowy-Phoenix View community ranking In the Top 5% of largest communities on Reddit Any fanfic where someone finds out that Harry is being abused? I know there are so many, but it is ALWAYS Snape who helps Harry, I want something different, that someone else finds out about the abuse, someone like:. The catalyst itself was so subtle, so mundane, that he couldn't be sure what really was. Write Your BEST Fanfic EVER In Gwen's 10-Day Fanfiction Writing Academy harry potter fanfiction sirius finds out about the blood quill. So when Sirius emerged looking quite distressed, he grabbed Harry by the edge of his robes at the collar, stopping him. "C'mon now!" Sirius Black sprinted around the corner, drawn by the seemingly frantic screams of his godson. But after all the years of being hit and bullied by his cousin and his gang, Harry decided Dudley deserved what was happening. Meanwhile Ron tells Harry that it's impossible for wizarding children to get seriously abused because their accidental magic acts as a shield. Bill and Fleur had been curled up around each other, books in hand, enjoying the simple quiet of a summer's day, when they felt the trip on their wards. They are ambushed on the way, but Harry gets through. Chasing after a drug dealer causes Aizawa to meet an unusual Omega. But I guess it doesn't really matter. Good Harry/Tonks fics! : r/HPfanfiction. “Ding,” Minerva said, a sly grin on her face. By the end of the day, though Harry had not seen so much as a corner of The Quibbler anywhere in the school, the whole place seemed to be quoting the interview. Especially when a young teacher wants to save one of her students from an abusive home. the trainee stammered upset at being scolded by his idol. The boy was covered head to foot in bruises, his eye was actually swollen shut and he seemed absolutely terrified that. Harry the weapon By: slytherinsal. In a matter of seconds, Remus was hit with dozens of stunners. If he draws his knees up to his chest and hides his face, no one will find him. Amelia turned towards Harry and her face soften slightly as she said, "Harry, I feel I owe you an apology for the way you have been treated. He figured it wouldn't matter much to Uncle Vernon, if he even noticed at all. - Chapters: 34 - Words: 42,645 - Reviews: 485 - Favs: 1,368. After finally having his fill of being lonely, Harry decided to go to Hogwarts to become the new Potion's Master for 1st and 2nd years. The blonde beauty some say, but to her, she's a …. Does anyone know of this fic where Snape finds out Harry is his son but James obliviated both him and Lily to forget but Snape calls Harry Harrison and helps him change his identity to stop being Harry Potter because it was killing him. They trick her into pursuing Harry Potter. "Yeh look a lot like yet dad, but yeh've got yet mom's eyes. And I condemn Minister Fudge for his vendetta against this poor 15 year old boy. Harry is dreading having to attend Stonewall High in the coming weeks and, in a desperate attempt to escape the abuse, he enters an entirely different world when he dreams… a world where he is safe, loved and wanted. Vernon watched her go, disgusted. - Chapters: 12 - Words: 6,052 - Reviews: 76 - Favs: 241 - Follows: 272 - Updated: Jan 8, 2018 - Published: Jul 15, 2017 - id: 12573567 + - Next >. Snape threw his empty glass at the wall in fury, and it shattered into tiny shards. Beneath his hands, Harry's breathing became a little less erratic and his eyes fluttered open. Tonks was never interested in Lupin and didn't die in the Battle of Hogwarts. His best friends decide to take action after receiving a disturbing note. Snape/Harry mentor/guardian NO SLASH! o wait jk there it is! / seriously though no slash Harry Potter - Rated: T - English - Hurt/Comfort/Family - Chapters: 35 - Words: 19,169 - Reviews: 545 - Favs: 750 - Follows: 401 - Updated: 5/30/2012 - …. New,strong friendships are made and new alliances are formed. He wanted them to get together. When they pulled away, everybody in the crowd was clapping in applause. The still air in the dungeons was as stifling as Harry remembered it to be. She wanted to be the wife of Harry Potter. Vernon glowered and stepped back from Harry, wiping his hands on his trousers as if any contact with the boy had dirtied them. 18 pages December 21, 2016 Rossie. All of a sudden, two large and fast things almost hit her in the head! "Peeves!" she yelled, knowing that the poltergeist was behind this. Ron and George were out in the garden. hope you enjoy!if anyone has any suggestions about storys to add please mail me. Hermione said she knew he didn't but for some reason she spent most of her time with Ron and not Harry. Arthur was shocked when he recognized his daughter Ginny lying upon it. He took a deep breath and he calmed down. Ends up having sex with Harry and Harry ends up becoming a werewolf as a result. jamespotter; harrypotter; fanfic +21 more # 2. The day after Harry had gotten a knife cut down his leg he was being made to write a letter to Ron and Hermione to tell them that he was fine and that the Dursleys had not been mean at all. Plus, when u write out 100s of addresses, you may not notice. This was an unpleasant duty, but it had to be done. Rowling General Audiences Graphic Depictions Of Violence No category Complete Work 03 Oct 2021 Graphic Depictions Of Violence fuck the dursleys all my homies hate the Dursleys. Of course, the twins then decided to make it worse. He jerked to a halt, wand extended, as he saw the child bearing down. Dumbledore, how Harry hated his Headmaster. The start of yet another day in hell. She couldn't help being intimidated by her. Tonks wants to date people her parents don't approve of. The Abuse of 'The Boy Who Lived'. Competing with allies and enemies, Harry finds there is a cost to. Snape looked like he'd sucked on a lemon as he pulled a small bottle from his black robes and poured some on Trevor. "I got leave for your summer holidays. He got dressed, pocketed the awaking draught, and walked to the infirmary. Harry strode forward to stand over Umbridge, who lay dazed and semiconscious on the floor, groping blindly for her wand. Chapter 1: Lord Voldemort's son: Thomas J. An abused Harry Potter finds the most powerful device in the universe. Harry Potter is 6 years old when he is found abused and bruised by someone from the wizarding world. Although Dumbledore has tried to keep the identity of their spy a secret, at an Order of the Phoenix meeting, Snape is unable to avoid seeking help after a particularly bad Death Eater meeting. Harry James Potter had a sister who was hidden and abused when she was at the Dursleys. A boy who was the supposed reason behind his downfall, who thwart his attempt at gaining control over wizarding Britain. "Or I could just start with elves, and dragons, and-". A Male Teenager found in trash. Somehow, while he knew she was growing up over the years just like his brothers, his little girl image of her had persisted. He panted for a moment, eyes darting around the small cupboard. A Fanfiction site dedicated to Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley. Draco Malfoy Severus Snape Hermione Granger Slytherin Harry Potter. Lots of things won't work on Harry Potter because of a combination of basilisk venom and phoenix tears in his blood. That night, Snape vowed to always protect the boy, as was his duty as Alpha. She was now in charge of her family's fortune. Looking for a Harry Potter fan fiction that contains the following elements: Harry was abused/mistreated so he runs away; I believe this was pre-Hogwarts; Harry keeps his identity a secret, either through glamor, goblin help, or metamorphagus powers; Harry gets a job brewing and learning potions at Diagon Alley in a potion store/apothecary. After the dementor attack, Harry collapses. Harry Potter is given a 'fresh start' in the States with his godfather. It did not feel like a malicious invasion, but it did not feel pleasant either. However, before McGonagall could place the hat on the still waiting first year's head, it spoke up. Everyone turned to stare at Harry, who was staring in transfixed horror at the spot where Dobby had disappeared. The Treasure Hunter Chapter 1, a harry potter fanfic. See Ron try to keep Harry's secret. Harry's abuse is taken seriously and he is a ">LF fics where Harry's abuse is taken seriously and he is a. He is the boy who saved our world. But will the headmaster finally understand why the Dementors, the Ministry, the dragon, Durzkaban and Voldemort have all failed to kill the BWL. He was seated on the Slytherin side, sneering with his arms crossed. The cat lets out a meow, then looks up to his face, flitching as the cat notices the pain. One had recently escaped confinement with his relatives, the other had returned from a trip abroad for work. Harry is in for a rough summer. Adopted by the Dark By: FallenSHIN0BI. " Harry randomly chuckled, earning confused stared from Ron and Hermione. He decides to make some changes before it's too late, and complete a …. The Fury Within by NinjaPandaScholar. Setting the book aside, he did as he was told. Once they were back at the Burrow, Harry and Ginny worked on a few bags of money to hand out to people like Ginny's parents but also others that might need to escape. Synopsis: You have worked hard to get far in life. See how he handles the burdens of the end of 6th Year …. Disclaimer: I don't own any of Harry Potter, and sure don't get money from this. Even though Harry Potter was furious that Ron Weasley, his so called best friend, believed he entered the triwizard tournament, Harry couldn't believe how many others also thought he did. Madam Pomfrey was meticulously noting down all the medical problems that her diagnostic charm had turned up with Harry Potter. a helping hand Chapter 1, a harry potter fanfic. Severus looked at Tom, they were sitting in the sitting room off of the bedroom being. Harry is abused from a young age and is scared to speak out because of the consequences he may face. Sirius pointed his wand at them and said "Rennervate. Since Harry was so drunk, he stumbled over himself and fell to the floor, not bothering to get himself up. Books that aren't suppose to exist are in their hands. You, in all your arrogance, turned your back on the true Chosen One, Harry Potter. he is rescued by molly weasley and ginny. Malfoy was quite furious and glared at Harry and his friends. Love Comfort by Slayer_of_Destiny 71k+, angst + fluff + smut + plot. Focus: Books Harry Potter, Since: 06-14-08. "If you would follow me please I will take you to the room where the wills will be read, then we will come back in here and take care of any other business before the healers arrive. With a sigh of relief, he joined his fellow students in the great hall for dinner. "He doesn't deserve any of this. Harry Potter, Severus Snape and Draco Malfoy join together in an alliance no one, especially Voldemort, is expecting. Read He finds out your dad abused you. Petunia was his mother's sister. I am not quite sure of the plot . Harry Potter - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Drama - Chapters: 1 - Words: 690 - Reviews: 34 - Favs: 98 - Follows: 148 - Published: Nov 27, 2013 - Harry P. Harry is grateful at the way the Weasleys, without question, took him in, even after the twins and Ron are punished for stealing the flying car and rescuing him. The Truth Revealed, a harry potter fanfic. " Dudley was quick to follow after Lavender who had been joined by her friend Parvati. Harry's heart leapt as his Uncle's rant was cut off by the sound of a car in the drive. What happens when she meets the. nicedraco deafharry ronbashing +10 more # 2 Unforgivables by Sapphire 494K 12. He was sick of being stuck in his disgusting old family home. Harry Potter would never regret running away as a child, but two years living on the hard streets of London had taken its toll. Request: Hi! I was wondering if you could write a Bill Weasley one shot story for me. Oh God, Not Again! (Fanfic). When they arrive they find muggle law enforcement and medical staff already on site. Ours Chapter 1, a harry potter fanfic. The sun had risen on a clear day in Little Winging, Surrey and a little boy was lying still in his cupboard. He would wake up, go downstairs and make breakfast for the Dursleys, complete the chores he was set, have a slice of …. After Harry discovers the connection between Snape and his mother childhood, it changes the views of both . Abused then Loved Chapter 1: Rescued, a Harry Potter. He had a grace about him even when he was being still. On Halloween night, 1981, James Potter sacrifices his life to save his wife and infant son.