Lost Ark Transfer Items Between Servers Lost Ark Transfer Items Between ServersThink I’m gonna use the mod regardless but I would love to move things back and forth. CAN U TRANSFER YOUR OWN CHARACTER IN NON DEDICATED SERVERS? :: ARK. You can earn gold on another server and transfer it to your main server by selling a useless piece of gear to your alt on another server, if you're looking for a way to earn more stuff by using other servers. Also be sure to use the Ark Data tab to upload and not the tribute tab or again you can lose your items. Instead, exit Ark from one map, then join Ark on the other map. You can transfer the gold using the auction house. If you mean from NA East to, say, NA West, that is So no character transfer between coasts, no transferring platinum cosmetics, account progress, island. Ark Survival Evolved | Admin Commands (and setup) Use The Code Dino To Grab A 10% Discount On All Ark: Survival Evolved Servers Here Logging Ark Survival Evolved | How to change map Official Maps: We have tried to make changing maps as easy as possible. To fix this, you will probably have to ftp into your server and clear the data associated with your steam64 id from that save. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews It is 'possible' there could be server issues on the 11th as an absolute horde of players check out the game. Is the tek replicator able to be transfered between maps?. Can I Transfer my Character to another Server in …. I use Ark Data when I want to transfer. It does not give me the option to upload anything via the obelisk. This service just rolled out in Korea and is a weekly batch process that requires maintenance to run. Private trade within same server can be done easily with mailing system. Moving items between characters on different account, but same server Talk to Mailman NPC (post box icon) or use pet feature (Alt+P - post box icon) to write a mail to the character you want to move item to. What is Gear Transfer and how to do it. Dot Esports: That’s not the case in Lost Ark, however. Singleplayer character transfer :: ARK: Survival Evolved General. Thankfully, Apple has introduced a game-changing technology called AirTag that aims to solve this problem. All Dinos Level 1 after Server Transfer in Cryopods. They have forgotten the war between gods and demons that tore their world apart. So you won't get them on a character you have already been playing on. Hello Survivors! If any of you have tried transferring items from Scorched Earth to The Island/The Center you might have noticed some items being deleted or not transferring. Your gear will tell you the tier lvl it is if that helps with any confusion. Trying to transfer your items from your main character to your alt character in Lost Ark? Check out this …. I want to transfer as well as the server I started on is almost always full and it takes me over an hour to even get on it now. Discord @ Stonely#6636Discord @ https://discord. Inter-server is a bit more complex, and this usually involves using Lv. The best part of this feature is the game lets you do this for in-game. Server transfer any time in the future? : r/lostarkgame. There are a bunch of resources that are also tied to an account, and not to a specific character or server. You go to an obelisk and click ark data and hit the transfer button on the top right of the screen. The recent visitors block is disabled and is not being shown to other users. Then launch the server on the map you want, and select download survivor. Someone asked if it was possible to transfer items between characters at an obelisk. The server recognises the character you transfered and you will still have your tribe and dinos. As a more casual player with 3 of my friends, we much prefer a PVE experience and don’t enjoy big multiplayer servers where even with PVE, you have disagreements …. Kharmine is completely unplayable right now. The transfer process takes approximately 15 minutes. Regarding North America Servers West/East Split :: Lost Ark …. Here's a short two-minute video on. Ark Server Migration, Explained. The patch that has been causing a lot of trouble today as servers are down and maintenance keeps getting extended was actually a very significant one, as it set up key changes that will allow for server merges, something the community has been asking for for a while. The old map was part of a cluster, and I tried to add the new one to the cluster and it seemed to work. It would also be accessible with the pc version of the game you launch through the xbox pc app. From the Reaper Advanced Class (a deadly new weapon on the battlefield) to bountiful progression events, daily log-in …. Is there any item in the cash shop that moves my account and progression ?. Join outside non-clustered servers, upload items in obs. The Lost Ark Knowledge Transfer is a great quality of life feature, making it an easy to get alts to recent content. If you aren't in an FC, ask a friend to make it with you and then invite all your alts. Change the server map to the Desired map. Server to Choose and Avoid in Lost Ark? Community ">Which Server to Choose and Avoid in Lost Ark? Community. How To: Transfer Items and Creature in ARK. 76561199182429922 [developer] Feb 22, 2022 @ 2:02pm. Knowledge transfer speeds up the level-up process of your alt character. Customers are also able to reactivate. In t2 when jewels arrive you can list them for arbitrary amounts and easily find them and buy. and after this CD u can transfer to another server with them in your inventory. First, you will have to pick a region; US East, Us West, EU. So, you might want to get the headstart for that reason alone and/or to get ahead of the horde. Some friends and I are starting up a new server since our old one is about to shut down. And to my amazement (and relief) I saw that it was in fact the save data of my level 72 survivor. It depends on amazon, but mostly in KR, they were global boost tickets. That way, you will be able to see the player you’re joining and vice versa. don't know about official servers but to transfer a character go to the obalisks (giant floating towers) interact with it look at the left hand side of the screen for a button called something like ark transfer click that and upload character done. So we transfer the raw flint and stone and wood ect. Using the Gear Transfer Tab at the Honing NPC, choose the item you want to transfer onto, select the current item you're wearing from the Material Gear listing and click Gear Transfer. There, click on the Controls and Display tab and after scrolling down a few options, you’ll find the ‘Show …. Check out this link: Cross-ARK Configuration for ARK Survival Evolved - Nitradopedia EN. The server I am playing on right now is going to be switching maps pretty soon, and I was wondering if there was a way to safely transfer things between maps without losing stuff. Originally posted by KitsuneShiro: It is easier to run two servers simultaneously as a cluster and transfer stuff. Don't transfer between servers, it's NOT safe! : r/ARK. You can use F to OPEN inventories on dinos and other items, and is most used to prevent you from turning powered items off or …. Server transfers between two official servers are available, but limited to specific servers. To transfer your character on a console Player Dedicated server (Not A Cluster). Dark grenades, reduce an enemy’s defenses by 20% for 20 seconds. Pasa items y fragmentos de tus alters a tu personaje principal. Other factors too to consider is that while you're on the other server if somethign happens and you cant get back to your original servers buildings can decay/demolish timer expire, tames claimed, dinos die of starvation etc if you're gone too long. In this guide, I will show you how to Transfer your Character to another Server in Lost Ark if it is possible. Lost Ark offers easy-to-learn features with unexpected depth and room for customization. The same is true for blue crystals bought. Let's take a look at how to transfer items from one ARK server to another. Then move dino soul save file to new server. Starting from ~ last friday a lot of people complained to me what they lost they characters during transfer from Island to Ragnarok. So I'm not the only person with transfer issues today. You can find the list of Layers or Channels on the top right of the screen above the minimap. 2- Progression is too slow: Honing changes and horizontal content changes to get chars endgame ready faster. In Ark: The Golden Age, it is only possible to switch …. In Lost Ark, signal flares are a consumable item that the players can use in Guardian Raids to reveal the. I got some questions about how the transfer of different materials is working. MapleStory didn't have it, BDO doesn't have it, Tera didn't have it and Lost Ark didn't have it 4 years ago lol. Make sure to either upload the dinos or put the cryopods in the arkdata tab before transferring. Can't transfer items or character ANYWHERE. Crystals shared between servers or character bound?. Lost Ark character transfer isn’t yet possible, so if you are not from Korea, you can forget about this idea for the moment. Basically I can create an different class/character on a new server and get the items again. Don't forget you can TRANSFER your old gear to new one (save. If you transfer to a map on your current server you can travel with your items, and gear in your inventory. Server Transferring? I move around the country a lot, so will I be able to swap my characters/account across servers (USW -> USE) or will I be permanently …. I don't want to transfer and lose my gold i made so i could transfer it to crystals but i don't know if they are shared. We use ARK Server Manager to easily adjust the rates and setup the cluster. Unfortunately, from inside the LAN I can not Browse. Moving between maps on single player. The following content is based on how it currently works in KR server. The game will throw you plenty of …. Amazon states that it is working on improving Lost Ark's in-game moderation tools to better combat the spam and will continue to ban gold sellers as it works on a more long-term fix. It also does not support cross region. Ext is where we build all of our element consuming items now (like cloning chambers)!. On the island the Red or Green Obelisk are easier to transfer at. You can either funnel the mats into your Main or sell them on the Auction House. On Friday, September 3rd, we will be enabling full server transfers into Genesis Part II on our Official Servers across all platforms. -edit- Under server rules (on Ark Server Manager for PC) there's also a toggle button to allow Survivor transfers or not. Moving items between characters on different servers. • Thanks for watching! Please don't forget to support my channel. What Are the Regulations for Carry. If you have too much, doesn't necessarily have to be slot capped, you will lose anything you have equipped. When you have Inventory OPEN, T is used to transfer items, not call your dinos. ) I always have an attack dino in a cryopod on my hotbar when i transfer to a new map, in case I spawn between a raptor and a rex, as well as a flyer, and your regular. You can move non-personal crystals there to transfer them between alts. i heard some ppl lost character coz transfer before update. ; Nitro Classic subscribers also get a 30% discount!; Nitro Basic subscribers do not get a discount or Boost perks. Serial numbers are the unique string of numbers and/or letters that are stamped on goods of value. Jerky doesn't, but veggies and eggs do. However, you will be able to select the server you wish to play on, so if you have friends playing on a specific server in another region you can choose to join them. No, you cannot change what server a character is on in Lost Ark after you’ve created it. When you see a timer on the items in your inventory, it means you must wait until that timer is gone to upload via "Ark Data". We test out Apple’s lost item finder, Google Fi gets a new unlimited plan and Facebook tests new video ad targeting features. You could manage the server through the pc web interface but I think because of Microsoft policies, the purchase has to be made on the. But you can basically use your blues/gold on your old server to buy the aura and. Based on what you stated, this is Tier 3 and your upgrading your blue T3 weapon into purple (which you should do, esp if the quality is higher). but some times when i go back to the island to bring every thing. items and dinos, between single player arks">Switching items and dinos, between single player arks. Is the auction house region wide? Can I play with friends cross-server? Should you pick a high pop or low pop server? NA West or NA East? Click to find out. Went back to our Private Server and they weren't there. With that, they can say goodbye to the days of farming gold for hours on end just to purchase an item. Here's an example: I have a 50 quality +5 Chest Piece which has the skill trees I want. But when I try to transfer my items into the tribute folder in the obelisk, they aren't there when I start on Extinction. We will be limiting the creation of characters by new players on servers that have extensive queue times. This guide will break down your UI and other game settings that can help you play both easier and be able to make more sense of things. Different servers have different market prices. Royal Crystals and the Aura are accountwide. Just note that in singleplayer you can't put as many resources in the obelisk, it only has 50 slots instead of infinite on an unofficial server. Purchase a Knowledge Transfer using in-game currency and your selected character will be sent out for eight real-time hours of "training" — in effect, they are …. It’s the difference between friending a character and friending an account (although not quite, because I think “roster” is server-specific, and you can have …. Unlock three tiers of customization for each of your abilities, giving you powerful control of exactly how you fight. Lost Ark is an MMO ARPG from developers Smilegate RPG and published by Amazon. Team Update & June - July Roadmap. there's no such thing as server transfer in lost ark. Before the update, the obelisk seemed to have unlimited inventory space so I put all my stuff in there. durring that time i managed to get a decent amount of dinos. Lost Ark 302 Gear: How To Get (And Upgrade) An Endgame …. Server transfer between servers in the same patch. Yes, there are character options, but Lost Ark does not currently support. Community Crunch 280: Genesis Part II Server Transfers, Evo. -Update- do following to switch to EU West offline: 1. So, for instance, if you're on the EU Central server, you'll have to keep. This event was released with the "Spells in Spades" update on July 20th, 2022. The available servers will be displayed – choose your destination and. Unless you want to do islands and world content together you'll need to relevel a new char. roster is per server per account. That milk also only has a 1 minute timer on it until you can transfer with it. Choose the server you want and hit "Join w/ Survivor" and that survivor will log into the Scorch with all its levels, points, and engrams (no items). Here’s the data collected by the community for language-specific servers. You get 1 for completing the main story. So you would need to make a choice, sell the gear for gold, or give it to an alt where it will live and die. Server transfer/boost in another server? : r/lostarkgame. Jan 16, 2022 @ 12:05am there never were server transfers in KR or RU #3. Collective Battle Item Chest x 4. Lost Ark is enlisted amongst the massively multiplayer online role-playing games around the globe A role-playing, multiplayer game allows users to switch between different characters according to their preferences. Lost Ark allows you to choose a server when establishing your character, and the server you choose is crucial, as buddies must play on the same server. Since our server hasn't seen GM Tobi in a long time. With the rampant news of cross server obelisk transfers, there has been a huge push in the 'black-market' gaming world were certain tribes are farming there servers to craft explosives and selling them for real world currency. Transfer of items between arks :: ARK: Survival Evolved …. Almost every cosmetic item can be shared freely just by dropping it into the. Each steam ID can have only one character per map - that's the way Ark works. Can You Transfer Lost Ark Characters to a Different Server? As of now, you can’t transfer your Lost Ark character to a new server. Then when you are completely empty of items and gear you can click upload character at the bottom. transfer to another ark not working on cluster. ini That's the location on Linux, so it's the same. No Screenshots needed as it is just 1 Server, my own one. Sadly if that happens, you've most likely lost the stuff in the Obolisk. You can transfer your dinos live not in a cryopod in the Creature Tab. It happens in waves at limited times. Server owners can use multiple instances of the same map or different maps to allow players to transfer between ARKs and learn engrams, tame map specific dinos, or …. Ark: Scorched Earth added a new feature for transfering characters, items and even dinosaurs from the DLC to the main game servers. I had all the lines for the Private Server to enable Dino and Item Download and they were not showing up. i still have my same ark survivor. 5 content for 1,600 gold and an 8 hour wait. " The Roster in Lost Ark is related to any character you have created in that specific server. We hear the request for server transfer functionality, but this instant functionality does not currently exist in Lost Ark. In addition, for our VIP members, if you Lost Ark Buy Items, you will also enjoy up to a 5% discount. OK thank you much will test it out. This includes not only the data that is stored on the server itself but also any backups and configurations that were made prior to the server move. To transfer the knowledge, players must purchase Knowledge Transfer. Transfer Warning - Game Breaking Bug. By this process, you could move the characters, items, and dinos of multiple characters from a multiplayer server onto a single player local hosted server (non-dedicated server). When you make a character, they are linked to a server and cannot move to another. Insanitor Feb 9, 2022 @ 4:51pm. Once you decide to use the Server Transfer ticket, you will be immediately kicked from your current server. This includes both Softcore to Hardcore trading, as well as Standard to …. Is server transfer even being developed? I don't care if I have to wait for a year, I just want to be assured that I won't be forever playing in a dead server permanently. Don't transfer anything important to you in crypods. Press the ‘ESC’ key on your keyboard to bring up the options menu and select the option ‘Server Transfer’. The highly-anticipated action MMORPG, Lost Ark, has finally released in the West. Storage can be found in any major city and labeled as [Storage Keep] on a map. Help, Can't transfer server on my cluster :: ARK: Survival Evolved. It allows for the transmission of items, tames and your character between other servers in a cluster. Supply drops act as mini obelisks, click transfer sever at the top right and rejoin the server you are in already. An example of a Skill with full set of active Tripods. can i transfer crafted replicator to another server? only element cant be transfered or all tek items? Showing 1 - 1 of 1 comments. About a month or so ago my friend invited me to play Ark with her and a few of our friends on a private server. LOST ARK USE KNOWLEDGE TRANSFER CORRECTLY!. Last edited by Jackal ; Oct 8, 2016 @ 3:52pm. To view your available options click “Travel to Another ARK” in the top right corner of the screen. In order to tranfer a dino or creature from one server to the next you need to first appraoch either an Obelisk or a Beacon (Supply/loot drop). The basic syntax of the SCP command to perform a file transfer between two remote systems looks as follows: scp [other options] [source username@IP]:/ [directory and file name] [destination username@IP]:/ [destination directory] Here’s a breakdown of the command: [other options] ‒ modifiers you can add to the SCP command. it's kind of crazy cause server transfer should be like a super common thing to think of when making a game like this. Each game is unique, we do not allow items or currency to be traded between them. This guide teaches you how Gear Honing …. You'd throw a knife at a rabbit, only to have another player materialize from the abyss and throw a knife at the same rabbit. It’s a quality of life feature introduced in the Korean servers later after launch. The Western launch will feature Knowledge Transfer right away, and it’s a quality of life improvement everyone welcomes. They forgot that all of the light was once stolen, and darkness threatened to overcome all. Port out just before your friends crash the server using one of the gazillion ingame methods or good old DDOS that can't be patched. So today's video is a quick and very useful video if you are trying to transfer anything across maps. Please be sure to read the rules and limitations regarding the tribute terminal. However, Amazon Game Studios – who has published Lost Ark – has definitely learned from the disastrous launch of its own MMO. Easy fix, uncluster all maps in the cross-ark section, reboot each, then slightly change the cluster id, enable cross ark, reboot all, and never have an issue again. Game crashed during a transfer, items gone. 294K subscribers in the lostarkgame community. Critical Lost Ark Launch Information and Official Posts: Servers, Queues, Item Shop, Content and More ; Lost Ark Server Language Information ; Lost Ark Content at Launch: Limited Tier 3, Many Continents, More Improvements and FAQ; Lost Ark Founder's Packs Contents and Video Showcase ; Lost Ark Twitch Drops, Prime Rewards, Giveaways, Ark Week. As far as I know, if you want to transfer it from the main character to the secondary character, you have to send it through an e-mail. They probably disabled it since you wouldn't need to feed the babies for up to 24 hours while in the ARK. Would make it easier if I could exchange stuff between my two alts rather than having to pester a friend to get on their account. how do you get a lv50 boost? is it in any of the pre-order packages? You supposedly get one for completing the main story quest, has nothing to do with the founder packs. The game broke Steam records and hit almost 1. Questions about private server map transfers :: ARK: Survival …. Despite being in a cluster I can't bring my dinos over via transfer. Playing Solo, will i lose my tribe/stuctures if i transfer to a. Sending silvers to friends? : r/lostarkgame. EVERYTHING in your inventory is dropped when you transfer, including your hotbar. Zinnervale – High pop server with mostly English-speaking players. ini on the fly within the Beacon client to your server, making your server …. As we said at the beginning of the article, Lost Ark’s free server transfer is. Energy transfer may mean different things in different sciences. Items that can be shared generally go into the shared storage, if it can’t then it won’t be storable. The only requirements are: A level 5 Stronghold (easy, this is what you actually start with) Complete all the quests in North Vern (Awakening, Power Pass, etc) Return to your Stronghold and collect the Nothing Is Impossible For …. Singleplayer, Private Multiplayer Inventory Transfers. However at the time that video was posted, items were transferable on official servers and for private, it's up to the admin/Owner. When you open up a new map from the main menu it'll give you the option to download your character to said map. In singerplayer the game permits you to transfer players, items, and creatures to and from extinction. — Lost Ark (@playlostark) February 20, 2022 The problem for most fans is that moving to a new server means starting fresh and abandoning whatever characters they made before. After creating your storage world, log out of it and head to your main world or a world from which you want to take items. Copy your ark onto a external hard drive and copy it onto your new pc. Profile boosting - Using profile(s) to continuously transfer coins, items, or materials to another profile(s). Lost Ark Is Offering Extra Founder's Pack Items If You Move. Lost Ark servers – server list, new EU region, and cross server …. Buyers are encouraged to peruse offer lists and. Defeating the higher difficulty versions will also give the player …. Anyone that got in on Lost Ark’s early access period via the Founders Pack is eligible for more goodies. I also know that I can upload items to the obelisk and download them in single player. Lost Ark Server Transfer Error. With recent changes on korean server it seems lost ark is close to finish the alpha test version. But besides setting them to 50 with 302 gear either with powerpass or knowledgetransfer you gotta grind the rest on them. While I have not tested it, my understanding is the only things you can transfer TO Extinction on an official server are characters but you may transfer anything FROM Extinction. You cannot change servers in Lost Ark. Test yourself in thrilling action combat and learn how to customize your fighting style with diverse character classes as you fight dark forces seeking the power of the Ark. As well as to check for other posts by using Reddit Search and Google. While some of these are pretty straightforward, there are a few obscure options that can help you out in-game. Click that and it will tell you, your character will lose all items etc. To get a piece ready for honing, you'll essentially feed Harmony. In this process, the data of items is actually downloaded from the server to my client's PC. Armor is divided into five categories depending on the slot they are worn in, these are Legs, Hands, Chest, Shoulders, and Head. Log out, then back in, then slowly transfer items over. These regions are totally separated, meaning there will be no interactions between regions. Digging through the back of your fridge to find a certain ingredient is a pain. Then exit out to the main menu before you download your character or make a new one. Instead, use a Lazy Susan to bring that food to you! While we've previously recommended using a wire rack to give yourself more shelf space, a Lazy Susan can be. Edit: Shit, just noticed you said items, not characters. Think it says the items are only claimable on a new server. The process is relatively simple and takes only a few. no idea why there are servers in the first place, there's channels to deal with overcrowded areas and most activities are cross server anyway. Before I try this, I want to make sure it will work like I hope it will: On a single player island game, if I upload my character, some items , and some dinos, transfer to scorched earth, play a bit and. I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Unfortunately, you cannot transfer your character from the current server to another one in Lost Ark. I normally when transferring am not wary of losing it and I transfer back and forth a lot lately. You have always been able to transfer your character only into new maps when they release. The Lost Ark Knowledge Transfer system makes it easy for players to level their alternate characters with gold. for cryopods is here cooldown few mins after u cryo tame. In addition, the Lost Ark Auction House supports cross-server trading, with the caveat that these are region locked. I'm not trying to defend them but this is the reality of games outside of the West. At least not at the time of writing this article. The guild activities and open world contents such as field bosses, island activities can be done with people. The regions are divided into following (number inside the bracket is the required ilvl);. How to use Knowledge Transfer properly in Lost Ark for beginners! Taken from stream. Upload your items and characters to the obelisk. Lost Ark EU-Central-Kadan Gold 400000. This is your Daily Crunch for April 22, 2021. Server Transfer tickets are purchased with Ancient Amber. Every single page, post and video I've watched/read about transferring characters show an "upload character data" button when you visit the obelisk. Upon selecting a character for Hyper Express, the player can …. It just don't show the revive button after transfer, only allow to create new. and i took the items and dinos to transfer to new map to build a base but everything is gone when i rebirth in other server? its real sucked. Currently characters can only be downloaded from the same types of servers, i. Also depending on what mods you use this process could be more difficult. CrossARK transfers is used on official servers to trade (Steam has a dedicated forum for ARK trades. You can transfer Relic Gear Set A to B without having to consume A. I had already taken the items out. This service costs 600 gold and takes eight hours to complete. It's not an offense, it's a legit way of transferring gold (you lose 5% to AH). If you leave a character or items in the transfer too long they will go poof. Hello, I am having some issues with my server cluster where certain items just disappear when attempting to transfer between servers. The gold stored in the exchange can then be claimed by any character on any server. Gear transfer now allows you to transfer the levels of your existing item to the new one. Can i transfer my chars only …. Alts on different servers lets you bypass the need to buy more character slots, and they make more gold through epona weeklies, stuff with account limit like Deja Vu, Rehearsal, Igharams Ridge etc etc. You also cannot transfer between PVP and PVE". Upload Your ARK Custom Maps to your ARK: Survival Evolved Server. Transferring your old t1 gear (+15) into the t2 set will give you a small boost like +1 ish. However, you can't do this for now, or you can, but with many limitations. Enter your Steam account email address and password. If u choose “travel to another server” it only shows u other maps on the same cluster, in this case u do not need to upload ur items 1 by 1, whatever ur carrying on u will stay on u, including dinos inside. Transfer, it will save you. With Lost Ark launching a few days earlier for players who purchased the Founder’s Pack, some servers were already full before the masses could download the game. dont forget you dont have to upload items , as long as in inventory and timer as elapsed you can transfer and keep items on you, what i tend to do is cryo arg and over fill inventory, transfer , uncryo arg and transfer items back to arg, sure beats uploading. Lost Ark Matchmaking Issues for All Content on EU Servers. Yes you can transfer a replicator between maps. Is it practical to transfer from ark to ark frequently and do boss. Lost Ark MMORPG Hack and slash Role-playing video game MMO Action game Gaming. In these situations, you can use the gear transfer system to transfer the upgrades of one item onto another, allowing you to upgrade your gear without worrying about lowering your item level. The Gem system is a unique part of Lost Ark’s gearing process. Trading between character roster. Daily and weekly resets will be done at 1AM (or 2AM, depending on Daylight Saving Time and the regional time where the server is located) or after any scheduled downtime is completed. Please note that you are NOT able to transfer the character from an unofficial server to an official non-legacy server, nor can you transfer the data from the single player mode to the official non-legacy. Pretty sure one character transfers between the arks. This is a default commands, not a key change. He found a dino that he wanted to transfer over to another server (German server owned by someone else and some other server host). Tedious and irritation will set in soon as it happens a lot. Zeals has a great video on this also - on my phone right now, will update with link. The scenario was that a lot of us ended up playing on servers different from the server we claimed our Founders Pack on, and we gained a massive amount of gold selling Cerberus etc. Subscribers get to enjoy Server Boosting perks depending on the plan! Nitro subscribers get 2 server boosts that they can apply to any server, plus a 30% discount on any future Boost purchases. To make it so you can use the Obolisk again if thats happening, go to your ark folder, then into the following path: \ShooterGame\Saved\LocalProfiles.