Pleadians Aliens Pleadians AliensNo extraterrestrial group has the power to change the Moon’s role from a. The Lakota/Dakota people say their ancestors are from the Pleiades. Updated: May 10th, 2014"We are currently constructing a new website. And contrary to Pleiadians who tend to shy away from the spotlight due to self-worth issues, you actually LIKE to lead and spread your light. The main battleground for the Galactic Wars was in Orion. Look human-like with some variation, are strongly related to humans. Noble Realms → Aliens and Matrix → Pleadians. and there’s no pics of any other species of aliens either. The Anunnaki are truly the aliens. All Are Beautiful Pleiadian Souls From Merope And Electra! In This Waking Dream, The Culture Is Rich With Art, Music, Dancing And Food With Magnificent Recipes. So she recently made a short film called ULA the Pleiades girl. Their body shape is perfect with symmetrical features reflecting luminosity. The Pleiadians are neither nordic nor alien. Cosmic Disclosure by David Wilcock. The aliens from the Pleiades are Pleiadian aliens. Despite their great age, they are considered one of the youngest of the Starseed races. You are good at decorating and combining colours. famous alien and monster photographs ever taken">35 of the most famous alien and monster photographs ever taken. This video was posted in the COBRA Update I recently posted…but I know few saw it…so it needs to post alone …. They were taken first to Fort. They're usually described as tall, standing over 1. Watch the latest videos about #pleadians on TikTok. Are extraterrestrials brainwashing their victims in a sadistic plot to dominate …. By the mid-1950s, Hapgood had amalgamated this evidence into a stunning theory – called the shifting poles theory, or, more dramatically, the cataclysmic pole shift hypothesis. There have been numerous accounts of humans in contact with the Pleiadeans like Enrique Castillo Rincón, who allegedly boarded their spaceship in the. Pleiadians: Nordic Alien Spirit Guides. He claimed to be an extraterrestrial, a hybrid alien whose father was from the Pleiadian star system. * the bringer of civilization to Ireland ca 5000 BC. According to alien hunters, the discovery of the …. 22) You’re very emotionally open and expressive. Related posts Space alliance: Elon Musk and President Trump set for historic Demo-2 launch. Astrophysicist Adam Frank is seeking "technosignatures," or the signs of advanced civilizations, to answer the question, do aliens exist. As a rule, we are a bit taller on average. Certain Pleiadians are highly evolved, more so than most of the human species. If cases such as that of contactee Elizabeth Klarer are of any indication. The Nordic aliens are humanoid extraterrestrials that are said to have arrived from the Pleiades and resemble Nordic-Scandinavians. The Pleiadians teach that a war is being fought between the various alien species for control of this planet, and that we are caught in the middle. Marcus Lowth is a writer with a love for UFOs, aliens, and the Ancient Astronaut Theory, to the paranormal, general conspiracies, and unsolved mysteries. “Gravity on Maldek was denser than Mars” so Maldekians “developed a thicker frame and a more aggressive attitude. It has been said that the Pleiadians as we know them were Lyrans who migrated from Lyra in large space stations or arks exploring young star systems seeking the. THESE SKULLS SHOULDN'T EXIST. If you want to know how the Anu force infiltrated the human genome, hijacked the civilization, and built its dark pyramid, read Sincera Speaks, New Humankind: A Pleiadian Herstory, p. The Pleiadians asked her to make herself public on 2021. Extraterrestrial Abductions and Evidence; 1 min. changes over the thousands of years, since their first visits to Earth. com/HolyGuardianAngelPaypal: http://bit. 10 Things: Mysterious 'Oumuamua. the Pleiadians but senses their presence. Ever since the beginning of humanity, numerous theories revolving around the origin of mankind have been proposed. The Maldekians threatened the Martians. So i don’t think it relates to the political situation in America. Você acredita em alienígenas? Se eu te disser que há uma raça de extraterrestres chamada pleiadiana, e que vive entre nós há milhares de anos, você acreditar. In 1933 an UFO allegedly crashed in Italy and Mussolini. In portrayal by opposites there is often a large dose of fear: for example, that we may. Their human-like appearance allows them to blend in with people on the earth and there have been cases when an abducted person recognizes an alien in the UFO, after previously having seen it on earth. Pleiadians took a back seat from contact and moved into channelling. All Votes Add Books To This List. Search from thousands of royalty-free Pleiadian stock images and video for your next project. Then he took population figures for Great Britain and, assuming that space aliens lived just as densely, he projected populations onto various planets. In the eyes of the government, that could not be tolerated. They guided it to kill the Lyrans who fled to Maldek and Mars. The Pleiadians are here to help raise your frequency. Pleiadian lightworkers can be found often working hand-in-hand with non-Pleiadian lightworkers. Pleiadians are the record keepers for Earth and claim the planet is more than 600 billion years old. The Pleiadians reside on the planet Erra, which is almost as large as Earth, one of ten planets that circle their sun, Tayget. Most see six Pleiadian stars, but there are seven. Armed hostilities between human forces and hostile extraterrestrial forces are now. ALIENS SPECIES / PARTIE 97 / THE PLEIADIANS. Is your child being coerced into disliking you? This is known as narcissistic parental alienation syndrome. Starseeds: psychologists on why some people think they're aliens. The Pleiadians: The Event – Era of Light. TikTok video from Rick (@rabbit_hole_disclosure): "Manatee Beings #aquafarians #water #underwater #underwaterbase #manatee #manatees …. In comparison, the pleiadians present on earth only count a couple of hundred individuals and retreat in the sparsely populated Scandinavian and Alaskan wilderness. Aliens Dhayaphim Stampeding the Sheeple April 27, 2020 admin 0. The information regarding these Extraterrestrials was gathered by . The Pleiadians are alien beings from the star cluster in the constellation Taurus known as the Pleiades. You can see a rendition of this cluster in the Subaru automobile logo. Pleiadians (channeled messages) / By Per Staffan / April 16, 2023. According to the “ Complete Guide to Aliens, ” the Pleiadians have a distinctive “Nordic,” or Scandinavian appearance, 700-year lifespans, and while they are, in evolutionary terms, still a work in progress, they are far more emotionally and spiritually developed than earth humans. Are extraterrestrials brainwashing their victims in a sadistic plot to dominate humanity?. In this fourth interview with Dr. Arcturians, Pleiadians, and Lyrans. * the maker of Irish megaliths (such as the world-famous …. This star system of the Pleiadians is a small cluster of seven stars located in the Constellation of Taurus, 420 light years from planet Earth. The Hopi Indians grew food similar to the Navajo Indians. Some of these beings resemble humans a lot more closely like the Pleiadian civilization, but it can become…. Instructions: Lie down, Turn-off the lights, Relax, and Clear your Mind. Pleiadian Secrets of Human Survival Part 2. The Pleiadians: Alien "Spirit Guides" of the Cosmos. The human species called the Pleiadians evolved from Lyra. It is the same for all our star friends, they reside in different frequencies. Grey extraterrestrials are far and away from the most common type of alien species in claimed sightings since the 1970s. PLEIADIAN FAMILY is the official website of the Pleiadian Group of 8, who had built Newgrange, Carrowmore, Hill of Tara, and other megalithic sites. Listen for free View show details. The Hopi consider themselves descendants of Pleiadians, and hold green corn dances every year dedicated with seven ears of corn, from seven fields, representing seven clans. Erra is located around the star called Taygeta and is 10% smaller than Earth. Dolphins - A Gift from the Pleiadians. Lot of people feel familar with these life-forms, because they lived in those forms as well, and perceive those entities. Are You a Pleiadian Starseed? 21 Major Signs, Mission & More. They hint at heights from 7 feet up to 300 feet. Comets and asteroids from within our solar system move at a slower speed, typically an average of 12 miles per second (19 kilometers per second). CHANNELING THE 9TH DIMENSIONAL PLEIADIAN COLLECTIVE. pleiadians (aliens) on the good side or bad. According to Hapgood, a pole shift is when the entire surface of the earth suddenly moves as one solid piece over the layers of liquid rock that make up the earth’s. Like You, They Chose To Arrive And Forget. Present in the video are two alien races, formally known as the Pleiadians and reptilians who are said to be massively related to the scheme. "Ancient Aliens" They Came from The Pleiades (TV …. In the tombs, 30 feet deep into the bedrock, archaeologists discovered ancient mummies of an. May be drawn to water and marine animals if originally from Lemuria. Cayce (March 18, 1877 – January 3, 1945) was an American Christian mystic born in Hopkinsville, Kentucky who answered questions on …. They are described as other- dimensional, advanced star beings. Well, at least according to Iran's semi-official (and frequently batty) news agency, Fars, they do. The small greys are said to be clones of the other species known as the Tall Greys. Pleiadians Meaning: What You Need To Know About Pleiadian Aliens. Read: 10 Dimensions of Humanity. So not aliens in the Bible then. The inhabitants of Pleiades, known as Pleiadian’s, are a highly evolved humanoid race and the next step in our evolution. It is one thing to talk about alien tech, and potential life, but since none of us have any proof. The Sirians were one of the first alien civilisations to visit our solar system, aeons ago. Angels are also associated with flames and spirits (Hebrews 1:7). In ufology, Nordic alien is the name given to alleged humanoid extraterrestrials, purported to come from the Pleiades, who resemble Nordic - Scandinavians. PLEAIDIANS Describe Extraterrestrial Races In Our Galaxy. He did have people searching for religious artifacts such as the “Ark of the Covenant,” and the. Some of their ascended Masters reside in higher dimensions. Written by Dr Michael Salla on April 24, 2021. People who have experienced them say they are 6 to 7 feet tall. These stories are prevalent within the mythos of the Native American tribes. They are giants, often referred to as the “Bird People” and the …. The aliens of the Pleiadian type are characterized by round faces and tall figure and the rest of the features are soft but detailed. The Pleiadian Realm is the next step or level in our human evolution. The Pleiadians are a type of star people, light-bodied extraterrestrial human beings from the 5D (5th Dimension). Pleadians (Page 1) — Aliens and Matrix — Noble Realms. The Pleiadians are a fifthdimensional frequency which is one of love and creativity. This amazing articulate & well researched presenta. The alien practice of war was brought to Earth by the Anunnaki aliens, who had come from the dark side of Sirius. She explains about space travel, learning alien languages, 10-mile long mother-ships and teleportation and androids. Randolph Winters, Michael Horn, J. Through her Akashic Records readings, she also. What he does do is state there were advanced civilizations during or before the last ice age who were deemed godly (but human) type individuals derived from the abilities they possess including capabilities of travelling relatively easily on Earth, knowledge of science, advanced math. To read my books about my ET contac. PLEIADIAN Starseed People. “As we stand at the threshold of the biggest and most momentous shift in the history of humankind, the Pleiadians have some very important information to share with us. Pleiadians, also known as Nordic aliens, are humanoid aliens that come from the stellar systems surrounding the Pleiades stars, and they’re really really really concerned about Earth and our future. Also called “Nordic Aliens”, they have a Scandinavian appearance, golden hair, slightly taller foreheads, and bigger eyes. The places designated for them to do this was Bali, Hawaii, Samoa and India. Pleiadians are generally described as tall, blonde aliens with very light skin, thus the nickname "Nordic" aliens. All aliens are transdimensionals, and in reality, as death proves when our bodies die and yet our souls move on, we too are in. You have a choice to find out more about yourself — about who you truly are. This stranded Alien being told Matilda that the genesis of modern humans took place “in Australia”, and that this occurred “400,000 years ago”. Who are the Pleiadians ⋆ Ascending In Light. There are both benevolent and negative beings form the Pleiadian System, and they are the primary gatekeepers of the 5D timelines. The Pleiadians call this time ‘The New Dawning,’ and they say that we are ‘The New Dawning. A sizeable number of Americans, 12 million or not, believe that reptilian beings control the government. If you're familiar with UFO lore, you know there are a couple of common explanations for these breeding experiments. So concerned are they, they've contacted certain special people to channel them and convey their message. According to some resources, these gods came from Nibiru. * * * * * and the night a ufo followed muhammad ali’s limo down the new jersey turnpike and how “the champ” got the well-deserved reputation of being the “king of celebrity ufo watchers. To know what Pleiadian energy is like is a must for starseeds who wish to contact the Pleiadian Family of Light. First Contact with the Pleiadians in Ireland. 49 views, 1 likes, 0 loves, 0 comments, 5 shares, Facebook Watch Videos from Monet Mayhem: #Agartha #annunaki #annunakihistory #pleadians #alien #aliens #conspiracy #conspiracytheory. It was corrected (and slightly re-designed as well) on the german. See more ideas about starseed, aliens and ufos, the pleiades. The midwestern Dakota believed that the cluster is the Tiyami, abode of the ancestors, and …. Billie Meier's contact with this Pleiadian woman resulted in a worldwide. These Pleiadians are human looking aliens and look like a typical Scandinvanian. The Group of 8 was: * the "Ireland team" of a Pleiadian civilization mission that landed on Earth ca 9500 BC. In numerous ancient cultures throughout the world, stories were told of ancestors that came to Earth from the Pleiades star cluster. ape-x; uncooperative slave; Offline; Registered: 2007-02-16; Re: Pleadians. Actual headline in the Washington Post newspaper. The Pleiadian Realm Is The Next Step in Our Human Evolution. The tenth, which happened three years later, became fatal. Pleiadian Groups Pleiadians , also known as Nordic Aliens or Plejaren are humanoid extraterrestrials that come from the stellar systems surrounding the Pleiades stars. The remote viewing sessions were conducted using a rigorous blind scientific protocol developed by …. These are the Pleiadians, and there are many stories about them. Superhumans from Mars: Marconi helped Mussolini to establish …. Some have even connected it with the Pleiades (for example, Ovid, who mentioned that the seven strings of Lyra equaled the number of the Pleiades). They are master storyteller’s and teachers, their messages. Pleiadians are humanoids, physically indistinguishable from Humans. At a distance of about 444 light years, it is among the nearest star clusters to Earth. 8,115 Likes, 130 Comments - Ekaterina Lisina (@ekaterina_lisina15) on Instagram: “Looking up with a hope for finding my galactic family somewhere in the sky 👁👁 #pleadians #aliens…”. Alcatraz Had Some Surprising Prisoners: Hopi Men. Some are whimsical, some mysterious. The Pleiadians will land along with other benevolent extraterrestrials after the major changes have occured . James Webb telescope detects alien planet with clouds made of quartz. It is among the brightest stars in the Pleiades open cluster. [1] Alleged contactees describe them as being six to seven feet tall (about two meters) with long blond hair, blue eyes, [2] and fair skin. Communication with Extraterrestrial Intelligence1 BY LAMBROS D. Billy Eduard Albert Meier was born February 3, 1937. Nordic aliens form a notable part of UFO and abduction beliefs in European countries. In this article, we’ll talk about where the Pleiadians come from, what their characteristics are, and what they want with regards to us. Watch Interviews with Extra Dimensionals. Aliens, typically from outer space, are almost by definition not human. 3rd Dimensional Pleiadians: Two arms, two legs, body, head; the Pleiadian ears are somewhat lower than yours, but Pleiadians are so much genetically like you. Through these I1channeliny sessionstl the "experienceu of communication with "other than physicalw forms of intelligence occurs. Randolph Winters gives a lecture on the Billy Meier Case and Pleiadians Aliens. Pleiadian starseeds are very competitive and may love sports and games. ATLANTIS, LEMURIA, REPTILIANS, ADAM AND EVE, …. The Pleiadians are believed to be much older than humanity, hence it was more developed, both spiritually and technologically. UFOs and pictures of orbs and a Pleiadia. All aliens are transdimensionals, and in reality, as death proves when our bodies die and yet our souls …. Blue Avians are 8-foot-tall, avian humanoids covered with indigo-blue and violet feathers, varying on an individual basis. Nordic aliens are human-like extraterrestrial entities that are said to resemble people from Northern Europe. Valient Thor looks almost exactly the way you’d imagine a Nordic would look like. PLEAIDIANS Describe Extraterrestrial Races In Our Galaxy - YouTube. There are two types of Grey Aliens. It is helpful to Starseeds who are awakening for several reasons. He is a highly controversial spokesperson for the Pleiadians. Appearance: These look like the gray alien image so commonly known today. You may call us ancient aliens. The Pleiadians are a benevolent ET group, a type of light ETs. UFO MatriX Uncover the Truth about Extraterrestrial life, explore Alien Races, UFO - Alien Pictures, Watch Alien Tv Series, UFO Documentaries and UFO Sightings. In a one-hour interview, contactee George Green ( nohoax. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features NFL Sunday Ticket Press Copyright. Embark on a journey back in time with Andromedan contactee Alex Collier in this intriguing Q&A from Webinar 98 on January 24, 2020. Fortunately, the Apollo 11 mission brought no deadly alien life back to Earth. They travel from the Pleiades to earth in seven hours. The Draconians are commonly described as a powerful war-like alien race who hail from the Alpha Draconis star system. Who are the Pleiadians? How to meet the Pleiadians?. «Tall white aliens» about eternal life;. The Lord is the Creator of all. This video will explore the ancient alien theories of the Pleiadian aliens. #massmedia #awaken #reptilian #covid19 #pleadian #pleadians #aliens …. Lyssa Royal "There is another race that has branched off from this giant race, the red-haired Lyrans. Advertisement Alien abduction stories have spread widely over the last hundred years, tho. To regard it as a solemn assertion "There is one who maketh, &c. That is what "Billy" Eduard Albert Meier, a 82 year old Swiss man, claims. TONIGHT WE WILL TELL YOU THE STORY OF YOUR GREAT JOURNEY TO PLANET EARTH!. Most of the reports on this sub seem to describe the Greys and . Pleiadians are increasing their presence near the surface of the planet. ALIENS SPECIES / PARTIE 55 / PLEIADIANS. Permanent resident aliens are given the legal right to live in the United States forever. Have long blonde hair , blue ey. “#HolidayOREOke #5dearth #newearth #matrix #bdell #anunnaki #pleadians #starseed #matrixglitch #thirdeye #woketok ”. Galactic Federation are the Angels of God written in scripture, who walk among us and assist us in many ways. Pleiadians live to be about 1,000 years old so they age much, much slower than humans. Learn about the Renegade Pleiadians, an assumed evil Pleiadians group, who are working alongside with the Orion Empire and Reptilian comrades. Alien W is a term used to describe an alleged extraterrestrial species. com/UniverseInsideYou and find out how you can get 3 months of ExpressVPN free!If you're fascinated by the wonders and mysteries of. Satan Lucifer’s Draco reptilian chimera fake alien incarnate avatar pedophile cannibal Satanists and Pleiadian fallen angel fake alien incarnate avatar Nazi Aryan race globalist elites are enjoying extravagant parties while they exterminate humans with vaccine & war, as seen in the video of their luxurious dinner party in Versailles palace. Amos 5:8 He who made the Pleiades and Orion, who turns. * masters of inter-dimensional travels on space vehicles of light (i. During the Orion and Lyran wars, many Lyran's left in their spacecrafts for good. They Came from The Pleiades: With Karen Meech, Travis Taylor, Michael Salla, Nick Pope. In Matthew 24, Jesus Christ talked about the “many” being deceived (verses 4-5), not the few. Aliens and blue eyed people : r/aliens. The Draconians are described as. JOURNEY OF TRUTH - Gene Decode: Underground Wars & Off-World Operations. This contrasts with the Elohim. Pleiadians, also known as elves Nordic aliens or Plejaren are humanoid aliens that come from the stellar systems surrounding the Pleiades stars, and they're really really really concerned about Earth and our future. The extraterrestrials from Zeta Reticuli are some of the most well known and often seen space visitors. S1 E10 - The 11th Dimensional Arcturians. In this video, we present compelling evidence and. Randolph Winters, Michael Horn: This is a great Alien Species Documentary, especially since Ancient Aliens hasn't covered this contact thoroughly yet only seam to talk about The Greys & Reptillians. May be a water sign: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces. Scuba Divers Share The Strangest Thing That Has Ever Happened To Them Underwater. Location – Home System: This star system is a small cluster of seven stars located in the constellation of Taurus, 420 light-years from planet Earth. The Pleiadians come from a bright star cluster known as the Pleiades. Eduard Albert Meier (born 3 February 1937), commonly nicknamed " Billy ", is the founder of a UFO religion called the "Freie Interessengemeinschaft für Grenz- und Geisteswissenschaften und Ufologiestudien" (Free Community of Interests for the Border and Spiritual Sciences and Ufological Studies) and alleged contactee whose UFO. UFO Sighting Confirmed in Valencia Community!. "Ancient family, not ancient aliens!" Pleiadian bringers of agriculture and builders of megaliths return at Dawn. 1,367 results for pleiadians in images. 9) the Grays are helping the US government and thus the Jews who of course control the US government. The Pleiadians told her that as long as she released the news, the queen of England would visit China to find her, and the queen of Sweden and the president of France would invite her. They first arrived here at the birth of life on Earth and provided the “genetic blueprint” for intelligent life on the planet. government at the time was signing a treaty that gives access to advanced alien technology, the Eisenhower administration rejected the overtures from the first alien group — the Nordic aliens — during the First Contact meeting at the Edwards Air Base and agreed to sign a treaty with the second …. Arcturians, Pleiadians, and Lyrans. Didn’t the Lyran seed the Arcturians and the Arcturian seeded the Pleiadians. They are thought to be magical. If you watch this video carefully, you will be able to see extremely valuable information that mainstream historians choose to ignore. They tend to have blonde to reddish hair, blue or green eyes, and stand anywhere from 5-7 feet tall. DiYeena of the Pleiadian Family, channeled by trance channel Ava Orah answers a viewer question on Jesus of Nazareth (Yeshua). Phillip J Corso's book, "The Day After Roswell," he does mention that, while trying to reverse engineer the materials recovered from the Roswell crash, they (those in the. It is possible that in the many reports of Blond Nordic beings, some of those cases may actually fall into the category of Tall Whites and visa versa. These are an extremely benevolent group of beings that are highly evolved and spiritually advanced. In today's video Alien Contactee Linol Anderson delivers a message Live from The Temple of Poseidon in Athens Greece where he exposes the dark truth behind t. 876 views, 4 likes, 0 comments, 1 shares, Facebook Reels from Hitcreatormusic: Pleadians Speak On CERN being Activated ON July 5th #CERN #pleadians #PleiadianStarseed #alein #aliens #alienskies. I read Erich von Däniken’s book Chariots of the Gods in 1970 when I was 12. Thus the theme of the series äX Filesä is simply true, that the Grays are deeply embedded in …. The invisible government of the earth markets people in exchange for advanced alien technology and signs agreements with the warlike races. The Travis Walton incident was an alleged alien abduction of American forestry worker Travis Walton on November 5, 1975, while he was part of a logging crew in the Apache–Sitgreaves National Forests near Snowflake, Arizona. We hold a frequency of unconditional love within. 1 Sananda/Jesus Christ, is the commander the Ashtar Galactic Command flying saucer fleet " The Airborne Division of the Brotherhood of Light. The Pleiadians are said to be a collection of alien species who hail from a small star system in the Taurus constellation, Pleiades. High quality Pleiadians-inspired gifts and merchandise. Hello beautiful children of God. They are stable and secure even when the world is crashing down around them. This race is the origin of the stars near Arcturus. The Anunnaki are non-human extraterrestrials who, during the Bronze Age, hijacked the Human Project and our civilizations. Peter the insider, Director of the 12th division of the ACIO, joins Taino to present the connexion & assistance of the 15D Pleiades towards the Haitians in the 18th century. These come from the star constellation also known as the Pleiades, which holds seven stars and Tayega is one of the seven stars. 40 (20% off) Starseed Sacred Geometry Earth Mission 11:11 Essential T-Shirt. In a rare, virtually unheard of concord, geneticists, historians, mystics, Original Elders and Aliens stand as one in declaring that Australia, not Africa, was the birth of modern humans, and. Habits The following is a brief description of Pleiadian Culture on the home planet of Erra. The Hopi Indians based religious ceremonies on the corn they grew. Claiming to be aliens living among humans, the Pleiadians, also known as the Nordics. May 1, 2021 - Explore Teri Ashabraner's board "Alien Files: Pleiadian Race" on Pinterest. The Pleiades: Facts and Myths. Earth’s population is 7,55 billion humans, half of which live in cities or suburban areas. We are made in the image of God. In Schmidrüti, a small Swiss village outside Zürich, lives the only person who is in contact with intelligent aliens. Edgar Cayce: The Sleeping Prophet: With Mitch Horowitz, Lynn Picknett, Deepak Shimkhada, Corinne Cayce. Many talk about Pleiadian spaceships hovering near earth. Pleiadian Aliens also known as Nordic Aliens, are said to resemble humans in many ways. The six primary species include Sirians, Pleiadians, …. Published in a 1979 book by former. My Atlantis theory is that, instead of aliens being the reason for people's blue eyes, that the Atlantians are the reasons. Civilizations came and went on Earth with many wars, peaceful cycles and natural disasters, between 196,000 B. 7: Reticulans (Zeta) Reptilian / Plant: Small star solar systems that orbit between that stars Achernar and Canopus. Welcome to my video! I try my best to make videos you will enjoy and learn from. There still exists newly developing 3D planets in the Pleiades, but the Pleiadians that communicate with us are usually 6D and 9D. Andromedans are allegedly real sapient extraterrestrial beings inhabiting the constellation Andromeda. Pleiadian energy is a beautiful heart-warming mind-stretching energy of celestial light. PUTTING THE PIECES TOGETHER: FIRST THE LYRAN WARS THEN THE ORION WARS. dont care who says they been abducted no proof at all, then it simply isnt the truth. 1) Caucasoid, or the WHITE races, descend from the Anunnaki, including the Elohiym godhead. 3) The human species called the Pleiadians evolved from Lyra. Somewhat lerger brains then humans, yet bodies indicative of very. Pleiadians are very emotional beings. This interview was recorded on March 19th before most of these lockdowns were started. comWhat is happening on Earth is just the tip of the iceberg. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. They came from a level above our dimension of dense matter, beyond our space-time, outside our five senses’ range. 00:51 – What made you quit your job and come on the spiritual jou. Star people, native american, Pleiades, extraterrestrial, Sioux, UFO, alien, Lakota, ancient aliens, Black Elk, alien abduction,. Alex Collier, an Andromedan contactee, has explained this scenario in several of his lectures over the past 30 years. THINK ABOUTIT’S ALIEN TYPE SUMMARY – Pleiadeans. See more ideas about alien, starseed, aliens and ufos. Humanity is cunningly manipulated, she warns us, by a cruel clan of reptilian creatures known as the "Illuminati. There are, he decided, 50 billion Venusians. Many people have reported alien abduction stories. You are drawn to acting, writing, and other creative work where you can express yourself freely. If you are aligned with them energetically you will relate to their teachings and understand their world. The Pleiadians were mound builders, the Sirians pyramid builders. The Nordic Aliens, known by various names such as: The Blonde Humanoids and Tall White Aliens, are reported humanoid-aliens which supposedly have been visiting planet earth before birth of Jesus. To reach the 5th Dimension, we need to go inside, not outside. this is a real pleiadian alien girl. As with many Starseed volunteers, you will have chosen to incarnate here with amnesia. 3 Struggle with human emotions. One version of the story was released with a picture of what looked like a museum waxwork figure, prompting people to call the whole …. The four main alien races. BBC News">The truth is out there? Billy Meier's UFO images. Existence of aliens would not negate the truth of Christianity. That Taygetean base was on a now-defunct continent called Oceania. Pleiadian Aliens also known as Nordic Aliens, are said to resemble Top 10 Edgar Mitchell Aliens and UFOs Secrets Proof Aliens Are Real . In the modern era, they take human form and interact with select military. The Pleiadians also claim to have colonized the "anti-matter" universe, which they call the Dal universe. The Pleiadians, on the other hand, particularly as depicted by Billy Meier, seem like. Many will wonder why I would post a message from, what to you, may be referred to as aliens. The Pleiadians are aliens from the Pleiades star cluster, referred to sometimes as the “Seven Sisters” and designated as M45. They are the three to four feet tall beings that are so involved in the abduction process. I had been contacted by an alien that I named blue reticuloid, see that story here, and while speaking with the blue reticuloid, this Pleiadian woman came to speak to me. Sorry to disappoint you, a Washington Post science writer says, but there’s zero evidence. A starseed human is who you really are. Thank you for your patience, the hard cover is still planned to launch, we are aiming fo. Billy Eduard Albert Meier (February 3, 1937) is a citizen of Switzerland who claims to be in contact with extraterrestrials. Dimensional Perspectives: Exist in 4D and some are evolving into 5D. Through various contacts (with Pleiadians and other alien races) alien enthusiasts know how Pleiadians look, where they are from, and what their past interaction with humans signifies to our race as we begin our development ages into the spiritual world so we may find our way …. Characteristics Of ET Races. with Amos 5:6 through the verb "seek ye," so that it may thus be linked to Amos 5:7. ly/3wRDD6aWhat perspectives can Taygetans offer humans about our origins and the c. Pleiadians and Alien Conspiracy. discover the psychedelic truth about the night a spaceship came down out of the sky and an alien saved the life of guitarist jimi hendrix. 1,365 results for pleiadians in images. 8) the Nordic Aliens are helping the Fourth Reich. It is then when you become conditioned and learn to navigate with human eyes instead of Soul Eyes. Each of these signs interacting with each other is significant to the starseed personality.