Repair Rank War Thunder Although some of the skills in that tab actually do really help aircraft. 1 was a navalised variant of the Hawker-Siddeley Harrier. The TKX, more precisely the TKX-2-0005, is the 3rd prototype towards the Type 10. Also just like that variant, it has a really high dive speed limit, which was …. 2 Reply Standard-Mine-1628 • Additional comment actions. The Tempest Mk V is a rank IV British fighter with a battle rating of 6. War Thunder is certainly feeling the thunder from its fans. Summary Hopefully this guide will assist you in the future when it comes …. War Thunder — official forum Prioritising crew skills. Research points, purchase costs, repair costs, and shell costs have been changed! [Update] "Locked On!" On 12 March 2019, Update 1. It was later reopened to research for a limited time during. Begleitpanzer 57 — moved to a position after the Radkampfwagen 90. If the repair rank is lower than the vehicle rank, the repair time will be. The new repair cost "improvements" made every single jet basically 10k+. Usually ends with you getting maximum uptiered). Any rank IV prop is too damn high to repair simply. Even the most expensive vehicles didnt force me to wait for repairs. The Brits have some spiked prices in their heavies and. We continue to implement improvements listed in our War Thunder Changes Roadmap. “Repair Factory” 5 April 2023 Event In the “Mobile Infantry” event you got a good look at exo-suits in intense urban battles. However its two fuel tanks are self-sealing and feature FPE if one of the engines catches fire. The Aerfer Sagittario 2 is one of the more nimble and dog-fight friendly jets that Italy has access to inside its tech tree. The A7M2, designated as Reppū Mod. We continue to move forward with the plans listed in our roadmap, and the next big news after the La Royale major update is the updated economу that the majority of the community voted for. It has been in the game since the start of the Open Beta Test prior to Update 1. Repair time will decrease the time it takes for a plane to. Introduced in Update "Winged Lions", the DF105 is very lightly armoured, only having 40 mm of armour at most, but decent mobility having a 720 hp engine for its. New player here I need some help regarding the repair. It uses the hull of a Soviet T-34-85 but features an original. The idea for such a heavy infantry support vehicle came out of the experiences of the heavy urban fighting in the Battle of Stalingrad in 1942. Question on tank repair ranks :: War Thunder Общие обсуждения. Repair Rank; This must match or exceed your plane rank for Repair Speed to have any noticable effect. 7 with a eye-watering spoiler alert: 14d and 23h!. It was built on the chassis of the Light Tank M5 and was armed with an M116 howitzer mounted on an M7 mount. Ranks/Tiers and Research Penalties Explained. The overall stats is calculated with weighted average, and the. P108b have a good payload tho it’s can make a lot of credit if you manage to bomb 3 bases but it have a bad habit of getting shot down first every game [deleted] • 3 yr. Silver lions are the main War Thunder currency, used in-game to purchase new crew slots (#3-5), standard vehicles, and modifications, as well as repairing damaged vehicles and purchasing ammunition and ordnance. As mentioned earlier, the F-100A handles like a lighter version of the F-100D. In fact, the entire USSR tree is known for being cheap compared to the others. Imo, turning off auto-repairs is more to track how much your repair cost is taking, it doesn't really save money. EDIT: Sorry; to clarify ambiguity, I was referring to repair times in the hanger. The F-5C has excellent turn rate and energy retention while maintaining a speed above Mach 0. The F-89B is a premium rank V American jet fighter with a battle rating of 6. Repair rank = the rank (repair speed)will apply to Repair speed how fast is to repair current lineup If you die in a vehicle after a game you have to repair it. Beginner's Guide to Tank Battles. Increasing this skill reduces the time taken to repair your crippled plane and can be very useful for both Fighters and Bombers during a match and saving lions between matches. Which nation have the have the highest repair cost? : r/Warthunder. The F4U-4B and P-51D-30 are both really good boom and zoom fighters with decent climbrates. The M62 APCBC shell has enough explosive filler to take down most tanks in one well aimed shot. The stabilised gun allows the conqueror to comfortably fire on the move - a rare piece of equipment at the rank - this gives it a distinct …. For instance, the Bf 109 F-4/trop requires Repair Rank 3, because the plane is situated at Rank III in the German Air tech tree. However this skill will only work for a given plane if your Repair Rank is trained high enough. You cannot complain about the free repair times, it's free repair. British have got high repair cost when it is 9. The maximum rank a vehicle that a mechanic can repair" Ranks 1 to 5. 3 but it does make the UBH arguably the ultimate member of the T-72 family in War Thunder — in many respects it is actually better than the T-90A it was intended to be an affordable supplement to, Repair cost Basic → Reference. Now players will receive mission points for helping repair or extinguish fires for their allies. You also need the repair rank skill to match your plane's rank otherwise the repair speed skill won't affect you. 5 horsepower at 2500 RPM, transferred to the drive sprockets via a transmission with 8 …. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews Repair rank only affects what rank vehicle that crew can efficiently repair in the hangar I believe. The Combat Vehicle 90105 XC-8 is a premium gift rank VII Swedish light tank with a battle rating of 9. Repair prices, awards for base bombing and costs for suspended weaponry will be corrected and all this will make flying out in heavy bombers much less risky and more affordable for average players. Repair Rank is a feature in Warthunder, a popular online multiplayer tank battle game. Introduced to War Thunder in Update "Project X", due to the majority of shells at rank IV being of the kinetic energy (KE) variety. Repair CostsIf you want to send me a WT replay for fea Let's talk about one of those tings no one likes and yet makes a filthy amount of money for Gaijin. repair costs! :: War Thunder Discussions générales">Too expensive repair costs! :: War Thunder Discussions générales. Crew skills are War Thunder's way of simulating the experience and skill gained by air, ground, and naval crews through combat missions, allowing them to perform/endure tasks … See more. This goes for both the free self repair in the garage (provided you uncheck the “autorepair” in the lower left corner) as well as ingame on the runway. The M50 "Ontos" is pretty much a bulky carrier of recoilless rifles, carrying a payload of six shells of devastating HEAT and HESH shells. In naval battles, even vessels without upgrades now have all the tools for firefighting, module repair, breach repair and pumping water - their “field repair” is now replaced with. It is a American assault tank intended to be used like M4A3E2. 377K subscribers in the Warthunder community. by the time you have done a game, the first should be repaired, if not, play the third. The M48A1 front hull glacis and turret are the strong points of the tank and have the best chance on the tank to bounce off rounds. Most people don't know about that feature or just don't use it because 1) the game has it off by default, so you just pay the repair cost with silver lions and 2) the higher you go, the longer it takes to repair, so rank 1 tanks could take a few minutes while a rank 7 tank takes. Its primary function was to be lighter than the Type 90 with. So yes, the repair costs we have now are completely unnecessary, and can be reduced by 90% without effect on the game. The Kurfürst is the pinnacle of the famed 109 series. The Ka-52 (NATO Code: Hokum-B) is a rank VII Russian attack helicopter with a battle rating of 11. The 76 mm Gun Tank T92, introduced in Update 1. Its 183mm gun, shooting HESH (High Explosive Squash Head) rounds, will deal with most tanks on the battlefield with a single, decisive shot. To be fair, we should look at the SL multiplier of the vehicle OP is talking of. Alternativly, you could go with a few friends in a squad, and repair them, since any tank in a squad can repair other squad members, reguardless. These Repair Times : r/Warthunder. 32, first (major) improvement of the A6M series, comes with the new Sakae 21 engine, offering more power and high altitude performance with an. Napoleon became a hero because of his victories in different wars that saw him rise rapidly through the ranks to become the army commander of the France. The highly anticipated update is here! Repair costs have been reduced, while SL gain has been increased — so that, on average, players using vehicles of any rank will break even, even without a premium account. Due to the constant growth of the number of high tier vehicles and the number of tiers themselves, the rank based economy requires revision of the repair costs and multipliers for all mid- and high-tier vehicles. Lowers free repair time by up to 2/3rds. War Thunder gives players multiple ways of acquiring items. For rank 1 to 3, you can expect overnight repair for most vehicles. In the last thousand hours I have never been so tired of playing this game. The Shooting Range #283 - Tactics & Strategy section at 08:19 discusses naval recon aircraft. What did you put Repair Rank and Time on? Ground vehicles get basically 0 benefit from it as Field Repair is what increases the repair speed and Weapon Reloading increases the speed of ammo restoration and ready rack replenishment. The maximum theoretical BR is set by the matchmaking, not by finding the top vehicles' BR. It is granted the title of the first wheeled IFV to enter service worldwide. 500hrs in war thunder without using premium ever and a SL balance of about 300. You don't earn a ton of RP with the mode, but it is there. Repair costs have killed my reason to grind : r/Warthunder. Their element is in constant motion, fire support of the high-speed ships and boats of the first line of attack and actively "pecking" the weak spots of opponents with their fast-firing 152mm main guns. Under rank 5 usually repairs are done in a day, rank 7 can takes up to 12 days. New to Warthunder with a question. I'm currently in tier 3 almost 4 and I have no clue wtf is that. V - War Thunder Official Channel. Steam Community :: Guide :: What Each Nation is good at. The Kfir Canard, also known as the Kfir Gderot ("Fenced Kfir"), was an intermediate improvement of the initial IAI Kfir (Lion Cub). What are the conditions for the free repair? : r/Warthunder. In War Thunder, the two-seat A-7K Corsair II strike aircraft will become the main aviation prize of the Repair Factory event and will be added to the game as an US event aircraft at rank VII. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews The process is much more efficient if your repair rank sill for the crew is equal or greater than the vehicles tier. For example, if you have a damaged all air vehicle lineup but switch to an all ground vehicle lineup in the same nation, the air vehicles won't be repaired (or will be repaired extremely slowly). That would reduce cost of rockets and bombs on top of delaying …. What's up with repair costs? : r/Warthunder. It was introduced in Update "Winged Lions". Each of these types of ammo has its own purpose and excels at its own thing. but they change it or not we will still play War Thunder. The Repair Cost Problem in War Thunder & Solutions. The PL-5B is the first competitive missile available to any PLAAF fighter in War Thunder and is a strong selling point of the J-7E compared. Please explain how the free repairs works :: War Thunder. Vehicles get repaired while offline IF they are in a slototherwise they will not repair at the slowest rate. The Raketenjagdpanzer 2 (RakJPz 2) is a rank V German tank destroyer with a battle rating of 8. The F-5 series are known to be small, lightweight, and nimble. late Do 217, B-29) at the cost of a huge repair bill. Reducing the Research and Purchase Cost of Aircraft. Choose from over 1,000 vehicle with a huge a variety of weapons and combat situations. So I remade one myself (+ Comparison with E-100 (12,8cm) 1 / 6. The FV4004 Conway is a rank IV British tank destroyer with a battle rating of 7. F0XTR0T-141™ Aug 27, 2022 @ 12:09pm. Smart people have a repair preset they add damaged vehicles to when they're not using that faction. It has been in the game since the start of the Open Beta …. Sweden I think is the highest, and for some reason Britain is way up there as well. Hello all, I have been a premium player since I started war thunder , and I have noticed that the grind is not a problem, I unlock more vehicles than…. Instead of 1d 18hr (the best free repair time possible for it) it’s now 2d 14hr like bruh American bomber mains already have it rough enough with Bf109s and Fw190s climbing to space before we even go anywhere. The purpose of this line is to have about 20% of all Realistic Ground Battles in War Thunder with the ‘Maus’ as a top-tier tank in order to be able to deal nicely with enemy teams. Light cruisers of Projects 68-bis and 68-A are always a good pick for high-ranking naval battles in War Thunder. 234 family, a heavy armoured car used mainly as a reconnaissance vehicle, featuring the turret of the prototype VK 16. The Ki-200 has gear and landing flaps but it's only recommended to use the gear for losing airspeed coming into the landing. Air Force, but with some changes such as the removal of aerial refueling and ground attack capabilities. It was introduced to the main tree during the Closed Beta Test for Ground Forces before Update 1. New vehicle being added to already open rank were automatically unlock. Thanks for info! the minimum BR in your lineup is required to be a Rank 3 vehicle. The H-5 (Chinese: 轰-5型轰炸机), manufactured by HAMC, was the first jet bomber of the PLAAF during the 1950s, acting as a direct upgrade from the previous fleet of propeller-driven Tu-2 in the early days of the Cold War. The M48A1 plays as a general medium tank, acting as a jack-of-all-trades in all of the tank's traits with average armour, firepower, and mobility. Top 10 Best Central Heating Repair in Chicago, IL - October 2023 - Yelp - Chicago HVAC Repair Doctor, Browns Heating & Cooling, Any …. This and when War Thunder has a 50% off sale I would recommend considering purchasing one top tier premium jet and one premium top tier tank from the nation of your choice. A possibly unpopular opinion: Give us a "Reset Crew Skills. I think if the crew's repair rank is greater or equal to the plane's tier, and the crew's repair skill is maxed to 100, then repair time is reduced by 50% vs. Get 3% Off on the War Thunder Store + DECAL :https://bit. The P-38J and P-38L have really good climbrates, surprising turnrates, and really deadly and easy to use armaments. 0 Located after the Nashorn/Waffenträger folder Stock Repair Cost : 2439 / 2872 / 3771 SL Spaded Repair Cost : 3019 / 3555 / 4668 SL BTR-152D (USSR) : Rank 3. NOW vehicles repair quicker if they are in the crew slots,. The XM-1 (Chrysler) is an Xbox One exclusive vehicle, only available from the Microsoft store. the swedish t72 cost more to repair then the russian t72a which are basically the same tanks. 182) is a rank IV German heavy tank with a battle rating of 7. Does Repair Rank Do Anything In Warthunder?. The Ka-52 "Alligator" is immediately recognizable as a Kamov product from the coaxial rotor arrangement. The plane has a decently high wing-rip speed, which should not come into play in controlled dives. usa are good all round vehicles and the germans have good guns. It doesn't impact matchmaking any more, it just matters for research since you must unlock a certain number of planes in each rank before you can move on to the next - it also impacts repair time since repair rank must equal or be greater than the plane's rank for the repair skill to help. So i just noticed this "repair rank" crew skill and it seems to be insanely useless. You can do this for all teammates. But yes Sweden and most minor nations have higher repair costs. Repair rank I usually chose 1 crew and let it be my "mechanic crew" and invest heavily on repair rank there, up to a point its rank matches the aircraft i fly. The MiG-23MLD is the ultimate production fighter variant of the "Flogger" family. Why ? Because no matter what you do, what vehicles or game modes you play, you can barely grind SL without premiums. Introduced in Update "Sky Guardians", the AH-6M is a twin-seat (gunner and pilot next to each other) light helicopter that can carry a capacity of up to six passengers. and for people at the lower ranks. The Spitfire Mk Ia has an excellent climb rate and a high top speed of 460 km/h when flying in a straight line. Repair Rank - determines the maximum aircraft Rank to which the repair skill is applied. I can't play a game decently, if I use all the units then I have to pay the huge repair costs, making me stay in that tier without the possibility that I can progress the …. Also, the repair speed crew skill will reduce the repair time, but only if the repair rank matches the vehicle rank, ie a rank III. The system is designed to encourage players to repair their tanks instead of repairing them after each battle. To use it effectively, first shoot down any opposing aircraft using the R-60Ms, then deploy whatever weapons you have on-board against tanks. Do an inexpensive test with a rank II tank, train a crew that has the aircraft repair rank of at least II and max repair speed. If I was flying just planes in RB, I'm using the one dedicated crew slot the whole day and I have the others filled out with damaged planes repairing -- that's not an option at all in. I don't want to get every single vehicle. War Thunder MMO Action game Gaming Vehichle suggestion | FCM 12T S232 | French rank 2-3 spaa, quad 20mm. Basically, you have 6 rows each containing 2 types of component. Discussing the method I personally use to grind through the tech trees in war thunder. Making them absolutely not worth any average player's time. It was one of the first American tanks to be released with the American ground tree in Update 1. Ranks/Tiers control much of what we do in War Thunder, but not many people know what they do or how to most effectively use them. The only current German vehicle on this Battle Rating is the German super-heavy tank ‘Maus’ (Mouse), from which just prototypes existed at the end of WW2. The MiG-21S (R-13-300) is armed with: 1 x 23 mm GSh-23L cannon, belly-mounted (200 rpg) The GSh-23L is a very powerful weapon, that requires practice to be used properly. But is it’s claim, that it’s the oldest, r. Why are the tanks / planes not repaired sometimes? Tanks to be repaired in 1h are not repaired when I return in the morning the next day. Has a total of five stages corresponding with the number of vehicle ranks in the game. Not sure if Repair Rank only applies to planes or to tanks too. Imagine flying a mirrage F1 upgraded +38k 👁️👁️ [DONOTDIEMYBRO] French jets cost is so stup id. Repair speed is more of a concern in AB, but is not a priority, upgrade it up to a point you feel confortable with. If your tank is broke, it's broke. At max skill level, it also includes ranks 6+. You can check the statcard of the vehicle for how long a free-repair takes. The Spitfire Mk Vb is a well-rounded fighter that can turn excellently. Two other Rank II planes (P-39N and A-20G (fully spaded) are repairing normally. The radar system is capable of tracking a target while …. Planes like the Japanese G8N1 going down 2. 2x for playing top tier, vs like 0. All I got was reduced repair cost. Vehicles will eventually repair themselves for free if you untick auto repair, but the time this take ranges. T 80 can be only on his or downtier and they have lower repair cost. The new Corsair II is very similar in terms of performance characteristics and the range of weapons used to the A-7D version, on the basis of which the. 93 "Shark Attack" as a premium pack, but was removed from the Gaijin store after the 2022 May sale. I'd move J29F and J21RA to capable and the T18s to excellent. The F-80A-5 Shooting Star is a rank V American jet fighter with a battle rating of 6. Unlike in traditional random battles, this mode allows you to join a battle at any point in the battle's progression. The GAZ-AAA (4M) (4M gun mount on a GAZ-AAA truck), or the 4M GAZ-AAA, is a rank I Soviet self-propelled anti-aircraft vehicle with a battle rating of 1. This page was last edited on 21 November 2022, at 14:23. Both wings and the whine? Sure. T-55AM-1 - Tank Review - Napalmratte. Instead of removing the cost for instant repair why don’t we …. You’ve already done the work grinding out a vehicle, then purchasing the vehicle with SL, crewing the vehicle with more SL, and then having to buy all of the modifications for it. Most nations have a meta lineup with unique playstyles for each. Tech tree vehicles come with 10 free repairs after purchase and premium vehicles get 30 free repairs, but once you have used those up then yeah, you gotta pay repairs. 32 is a rank III Japanese fighter with a battle rating of 4. The highly anticipated update is here! Repair costs have been reduced, while SL gain has been increased — so that, on average, players using …. Tips on Getting Air Arcade Research Points. does that one to increase do the repair time shorter of tank in rb battle when get hit on field ? the other one (repair speed ) is just for the hangar i think. Vitality - reduces the likelihood of the pilot receiving a mortal wound. Videos of Repair Rank War Thunder. Army near the end of World War II and throughout the Korean War. Household Appliance Sales and Servi. Historically a maritime patrol/reconnaissance aircraft derived from the B-24 Liberator, the Privateer performs the function of a heavy bomber, optimized for dumping large. The F82 is about 1 week, but it’s 20k SL. The Canberra costs 30k to repair, it's insane. Invested 100GE in the accelerated training, put the 1500 crew points in the repair rank and speed and the free repair time went down from 10 days to 4. War Thunder MMO Action game Gaming comments Really though, reducing repair cost on late period prop planes would be best for everyone, it might mean planes like the La-9 don’t get dragged into full up tiers 4 matches in 5. At its current battle rating, the AMX-13 (HOT) can definitely do some serious damage, even to top-rank MBTs and (as of 1. The potential transition to the rank based economy will also cause another noticeable change - the reduction of the maximum repair cost. Sometimes it just dominates, but sometimes its just bad. The mode you choose dictates how many crew points you get for your performed actions. Repair? :: War Thunder General Discussions. csv: containing a time-series from 2019-11-22 until now, and grouped as battle rating ranges = 1. They will be repaired for free over time, the time it takes will depend on the crew skills levels of each affected slot. The Assault Tank T14 project was never completed because the prototype was not sent to the UK until 1944, by which time the Churchill infantry tanks had been in service for two years and had substantially improved …. The Sturmgeschütz III Ausführung G (StuG III G) ( Sd. How do you get the gaijin coin? Gaijin Coins can be purchased for roubles, dollars and other currencies, or earned on the Market itself by selling items earned in the game to other players. i dont get how im meant to combat repair costs for this, besides get good. The Repair Rank skill directly affects the Repair Speed skill. Free repair can sometimes take an entire day if not more for a vehicle to be repaired for free. Just wondering because on BR 5 and up it is too expensive to cook every time so I hope it will work there. Tips on How to Get Research Points Quickly in War Thunder. It's important to keep the repair rank at the same level as the tier of planes you fly, but repair speed must not be neglected as it's. Sven777b Nov 9, 2015 @ 5:32am In addition If the tank (or Plane) is on a active crew it will be repaired within the time shown in the vehicle stats. stamina, vitality, healing speed = 13. But it would say critically damaged unless you had max repair rank. 7 anyways, as they will almost always be down tiered to 4. War Thunder MMO Action game Gaming comments sorted by Best Top New Controversial Q&A Skelezig Snail Lord Herman • Additional comment actions. The P-51D is, undoubtedly, the shining star of the USAF branch. There are 5 main categories in War Thunder: Light tanks (also called scout tanks) have a white bar as their symbol. For top tier, I cannot imagine how long it would be. It was ranked 126 out of 137 countries surveyed, according to the 2023. Glorious Firsts: Aircraft Edition - War Thunder Official Channel. Rank 1: 500 1,300 Rank 2: 1,800 3,200 Rank 3: 5,000 6,600 Rank 4: 11,600 11,900 Rank 5:. For instance, the Bf 109 F-4/trop requires Repair Rank 3, because the plane is situated at Rank. The Shooting Range #213 - Tactics & Strategy section at 07:35 discusses being in the attacker's position in air duels. These are not all the changes and suggestions that we would like to introduce to the game according to your wishes and comments, but, as it …. It was briefly made available for purchase with Golden Eagles for the 2023 "T-2 First Flight Anniversary". Links to the articles on the War Thunder Wiki that you think will be useful. Also, rank is almost completely meaningless in the game. Repair costs on arcade? : r/Warthunder. However, once all engine upgrades have been acquired the Merlin-45 is easily a superior engine with better cooling and power. Underneath those two options, it says "Only first-time War Thunder players are eligible for the bonus vehicles and the 7 days premium account. So I remade one myself (+ Comparison with E-100 (12,8cm). Swedish tanks generally get better the higher the br (400mm of pen on Ikv 90 heatfs with laser rangefinder at 6. 11 anti-tank guided missile, the Raketenjagdpanzer 2 serves as the missile's mobile platform. Arguably has the best tank destroyers in the game when it comes to durability. Note: The plane will repair anyway in the hangar …. At this rank, most your opponents are poorly armoured, like the Leopard 1, MBT/KPz-70 and XM-1, T-55AM-1 - War Thunder Wiki. Lower tier OP prems like Su-11 or XP-50 should work too. "Kurfürst," representing the letter "K" in the Wehrmacht phonetic alphabet, translates to "prince-elector", a. Every repair speed point seemed to decrease the repair time by 50-60 mins, so I can reduce it to 3 days, when I really max out the repair speed (now it is 52, but can go up to 82). When you are using a rank 8 aircraft, and you have a fully maxed crew, the repair rank lacks behind by 1, still thinking that rank 7 is the maximum. Squadmates and light tanks will have a. In the “Mobile Infantry” event you got a good look at exo-suits in intense urban battles. The Leclerc is powered by an excellent V8 diesel engine with a gas turbine auxiliary charger, producing a peak of 1474. What are the multipliers for Repair Factory? Related Topics War Thunder MMO Action game Gaming comments Air rb x1. A 10-15 second "repair" on a core component is wayyy to fast anyway. Survival Leadership*1: Allows you to repair, fix flood, and extinguish your ship without the time penalty being too high. With the help of free World War II UK military records, you can learn more about your ancestor’s service history, including their rank, regiment, and even. Turning performance is generally …. Learn what those five heaviest buildings are. Just found out that repair speed and rank are useless for. Repair rank is like a tech level for the repair crew. Tanks AB 1x1 — November 8 and 9. Repair Costs by rank solves a lot of problems the old system feeds into. what is the repair rank? :: War Thunder General Discussions. Being the next stage of its development cycle, the T32E1 is essentially the same as the T32 except the designers replaced the cast homogeneous plates of the front hull in favour of. 93 "Shark Attack" as the top researchable vehicle in the US Ground Forces tech tree. The process is much more efficient if your repair rank sill for the crew is equal or greater than the vehicles tier. War Thunder Air RB repair costs have become ridiculous. Development] Preliminary research and purchase changes. repair costs a thing? : r/Warthunder. February 23, 2019 · We are planning changes in the economy for aircraft, ground vehicles and ships. It was introduced during Update "Apex Predators" as a reward for the 2022 Winter Quest event. The M36B2 shared many traits with the original M36 GMC, including the same armour layout, engine, and …. Total BR can be lowered by a maximum of one BR step below the highest BR aircraft (e. War Thunder MMO Action game Gaming. They once had a decent purpose I feel of just being part of the F2P model and encouraging players to play as well as possible to maximize profits and have some sort of penalty for players who just quit as soon as they cap one point or something. The F-5E Tiger II, made famous by its use as a US Navy aggressor aircraft, improves on the earlier F-5A and F-5C with more powerful. Just because you pay yo auto repair doesn't mean smart people don't use it. Best way to organize crews/use skill points? :: War Thunder …. How To Get Better At War Thunder. Repair rank worth it? : r/Warthunder. It will always be able to repair a vehicle but if the repair rank is insufficient, none of the repair speed points will be applied to the repair time. To repair u have to land on the airfield or carrier. Sep 4, 2013 @ 5:13am depends , vitality and repair are crucial skills both HB and arcade #5. Last edited by Rumpelcrutchskin ; Aug 26, 2018 @ 12:18am. First, disable auto-repair to see the effect. ; Squadron Commander: Obtain 1 / 3 / 5 / 10 crews. Which means about 10k SL for 3 tanks for exemple. 13 June 2023 Development RoadMap. The He 111 H-16 was the third standard H-series variant, the other two being H-3 and H-6. Used to make high rank vehicles repaired for free at the expense of a day or. The Thunderjet does well at destroying ground targets, given the quantity and. The A-26 is a beast of an attacker aircraft that I absolutely love using. These changes affect the overwhelming majority of vehicles in the game, meaning that the average player is likely to notice them. but once you reach Rank III-IV almost everything costs 5,000 - 10,000 repair cost each time and your quota is to take out 2-3 enemy planes to get the repair free and not die if you wanna keep the SL that you made. The Leopard 1 is the first variant of the Leopard 1 main battle tank family. 5k another cap 700 all solo caps with same tank 170% SL They over holed the Sl and Rp gain but didn't touch the repair cost. I realized that when I reached this tier, the repair costs are starting to rise. The mobility of the Leopard A1A1 (L/44) is between the XM-1 and T-55AM-1. How am i meant to deal with repair costs? :: War Thunder …. The Lightning isn’t even viable, even with. 91 "Night Vision" it was shifted to become a gift vehicle for players who previously owned it. In the late 1970s, Canada purchased 127 units of the Leopard 1A3 variant. It was later reopened to research for a limited time …. Rather then removing repair cost what about giving out more free repairs like from 10 to 15/20 free repairs for rank 5 and above vehicles? That way people still are willing to pay premium time while getting modifications far easier without having to worry about repair cost as gaijin probably set repair cost based on spaded vehicles rather then vehicles without …. Such a shame that repair costs are so high for so many …. Guide: How to get silver lions from Warthunder : r/Warthunder. Questions about „Logistics services“ crew skill : r/Warthunder">Questions about „Logistics services“ crew skill : r/Warthunder. See how long the repair time is, then swap it to a crew that has no aircraft repair rank and see if it is longer. It was introduced in Update "Red Skies". I just upgraded the Repair rank to level 3 but I don't understand what does the Repair speed at the hangar ログイン ストア ホーム ディスカバリーキュー ウィッシュリスト ポイントショップ ニュース データ. The AMD 35 is a French armored car developed by Panhard in the interwar period featuring an advanced design for its time. Designed from the N-156 prototype of Northrop Corporation (now Northrop Grumman), F-5A is the first-comer of the long-lasting family of F-5 series lightweight fighter; which is. The Leopard C2A1 MEXAS is a Canadian heavy modification of the Leopard 1A3, which is the fourth variant of the Leopard 1 main battle tank family. Why gaijin raised the repair cost of the tier IV US tech tree. Development of fighter aircraft attempts to balance size, speed, …. This is a subreddit for War Thunder, a cross platform vehicular combat MMO developed by Gaijin….